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What is Domain Privacy and should I add it to my Domain?

Domain Privacy allows the owner of a domain to hide their information from the public web. When you register a domain with a registrar such as ourselves we are required to communicate specific bits of information about the registrant for public record. That public database is called the WHOIS Directory.

An example of what is shown can be seen below:

Domain Privacy Whois Lookup

This data is taken from

Details that are shown on the WHOIS database include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number

Whilst a business owner may wish to have this information public, an individual who has created their website for blogging or an owner of a personal website might want to hide those details. If that’s the case, then you should consider purchasing domain privacy.


How do I add it to my Domain?

It is very easy to add Domain Privacy to a domain and the user has a couple of options:

1) Purchase Domain Privacy when you register your domain.

Once you’ve added the domain to your cart you will arrive at the ‘Review & Checkout’ page, click ‘edit’.


This brings up the option to add Domain Privacy – simply put a tick in the relevant box and hit ‘Continue’.



2) Purchase Domain Privacy at a later date.

You can add Domain Privacy to a domain whenever you wish however it is recommended to purchase up front if possible. This is because if it is not added immediately your information will be posted to the WHOIS Directory when the domain is registered.

If you add Domain Privacy at a later date your data will be masked on the WHOIS public directory but it is possible that other third party sites will pick up the information and post your details for all to see.


Safeguard your Personal Information

When it comes to your personal details, play it safe and add Domain Privacy.

Now you may be thinking ‘Why don’t I enter dummy information?’ Don’t! If you are caught using false information you may lose your domain. ICANN (The Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers) regularly audit listings and if they are unable to verify the details provided they will suspend the domain.

Don’t risk it, simply purchase domain privacy for your domain.


.uk Domains

Domain Privacy is available for all domains apart from those ending .uk. A similar service is offered by Nominet (the governing body for UK registrations) but is only available for individuals registering a domain. If you are a business or organisation then it is mandatory for your information to be published, however they do not list telephone numbers. An example can be seen here:

To opt out of the database the instructions are similar to adding Domain Privacy – From the ‘Review & Checkout’ page, click ‘edit’.

On the page that loads up put a tick in the WHOIS Opt-out box:


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