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Future proof your website with an SSL Certificate

Security/ 28th Feb 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Not everybody will be familiar with the term SSL Certificate or HTTPS – for those who are not, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a technique for encrypting and authenticating data traffic over the web in order to improve the security of a website/domain. An encrypted link is established between a server and […]

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What is Domain Privacy and should I add it to my Domain?

Security/ 19th Jan 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Domain Privacy allows the owner of a domain to hide their information from the public web. When you register a domain with a registrar such as ourselves we are required to communicate specific bits of information about the registrant for public record. That public database is called the WHOIS Directory. An example of what is […]

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Hard Drive Destruction & Server Removal

Security/ 30th Sep 2016/Jamie Hoyles

We recently employed an ISO accredited firm to carry out onsite Hard Drive Destruction of a number of drives taken from redundant servers. As part of our own ISO requirements we have Information Security Procedures that we adhere to and as such took time to research the many companies out there before committing to the […]

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Google Introduces reCAPTCHA 2

Security/ 04th Dec 2014/Dan Miller

Yesterday Google has released its new version of reCAPTCHA, a service it acquired back in 2009. Since Google acquired reCAPTCHA not much has changed until now. What is reCAPTCHA? reCAPTCHA is probably one of the most advanced CAPTCHA dialogs. It has been well renowned for its accuracy in preventing bots from submitting forms, but making it easier […]

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