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How to Install WordPress using Softaculous


We see many of our clients using WordPress to build their personal & business websites. It is the most popular Content Management System, is easy to navigate and users will find many guides and tutorials online should they require help or have a query.

This guide will provide step by step instructions on how to install WordPress from your Clook hosting back office using the Softaculous script installer…


Log into the Clook Client Portal :


Click the “Services” icon on the home page.



Next, click the service to which you wish to install WordPress.



On the page that loads up you will notice a menu on the left hand side titled ‘Actions’, click “Login to cPanel”



You will now be presented with the cPanel home page (the look may differ depending on the active theme).



Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will notice the ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’ section. WordPress is one of the icons – click it! You’ll then be presented with the following page…



Softaculous will now ask you for a number of settings in order to publish your new WordPress website. The first 2 sections are as follows…


Software Setup

Choose Protocol: Here you are given the option of how you wish your site to appear – typically this is set to http://.

Choose Domain: Using the drop down box, select the domain you wish to install WordPress to.

In Directory: Leave this blank.

Site Settings

Site Name: The name of your site.

Site Description: Your site’s description.

Enable Multisite (WPMU): This can be left alone.


In the next sections you will set up your username & password…


Admin Account

Admin Username: Your username, by default this is admin but can changed.

Admin Password: Your password – the stronger the better!

Admin Email: An active email address where you can receive notifications

Choose Language

Select Language: The default here is English.

Select Plugins

Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): Here you have the option to install a plugin that will protect your site against bruteforce attacks.


The final sections will complete your WordPress install…


Advanced Options

Database Name: This can be left alone.

Table Prefix: Again, no need to make amendments.

Disable Update Notifications: You will be notified by default when an update to WordPress becomes available. Click to stop this from happening (not recommended).

Auto-Upgrade: If checked WordPress will automatically update itself.

Auto-Upgrade WordPress Plug-ins: If checked any WordPress plug-ins you install will automatically update.

Auto-Upgrade WordPress Themes: If checked any WordPress themes you install will automatically update.

Select Theme

You have the option to install some of the latest themes. This is optional however and themes can be easily installed from the WordPress back office.

Email installation details to

Enter your email address and your log-in details will be mailed to you.

That’s it! Softaculous is a great installer and following the instructions above will have your WordPress site ready to go within minutes.

Did you know…

At Clook, one of our specialisms is providing WordPress hosting, if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us.

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