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10 Methods to optimise WordPress performance

Your website must load quickly for every user. If your website doesn’t load for users within a couple of seconds, […]

A complete guide to exporting and importing your WordPress website

Exporting your self-hosted WordPress Website Do you want to move your WordPress (WP) website to a new host? This guide […]

WordPress content blocks and how to use them (Gutenberg)

WordPress has become one of the most commonly used CMS to build your website. Over the years we have seen […]

11 ways to make your website customer friendly

Your website is one of the most critical communication tools for your business. Make your website customer friendly with an excellent user experience and your visitors will give a positive impression of your business, loyalty to your brand and raise conversions. […]

A quick guide on minifying Javascript and CSS

A great way to help speed up your website is to minify your CSS and Javascript. If your using a 3rd party theme or have coded your website from scratch, we’ll show you how to minify your scripts using plugins or online code cleaners. […]

9 Reason why you should host your WordPress Website with Clook

In our 20 years of business, we have hosted thousands of WordPress websites. They range from small hobbyist blogs to large E-Commerce brands.

We’ve seen firsthand, WordPress’s growth from a blogging platform to a widely used content management system (CMS). […]

Your quick guide on what’s new in WordPress 6

WordPress 6 is here. Welcome to our complete guide on what you can expect from the new release. It’s named “Arturo” after the Grammy award-winning jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill. […]

7 Reasons why to choose our managed web hosting platforms

Running an online business can feel like you’re constantly spinning plates. There are many day-to-day activities to complete, and it only takes one disruption to throw everything behind schedule. Choosing a managed web hosting solution is one less plate to spin.

Choosing a managed hosting solution is one less plate to spin. […]

Reliable email delivery through MailChannels

    Are you experiencing regular email issues? Email spam accounts for 45% of all emails sent around the globe. […]

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