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Why You Should Build Your Own Website

Web Development & Design/ 20th Apr 2017/Jamie Hoyles

More than 50% of Britain’s smallest companies still don’t have a website according to The Office of National Statistics (ONS). Only 46% of micro firms (1-10 employees) have an online presence, compared to 81% of businesses with between 10 and 49 employees and 97% of large organisations with up to 1,000 staff. The information was based […]

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Cheaper Email Hosting

Tips and Guides/ 12th Apr 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Ask any server administrator and they’ll tell you that the size of email boxes is an ever growing problem. This is mainly due to the fact that users don’t delete email (myself included!) and that the size of email attachments grows every day. There are various ways you can try to combat inbox sizes, including […]

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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation…!

Company News/ 06th Apr 2017/Jamie Hoyles

    The first quarter of 2017 has been quite exciting for those of us located in the Preston office. After a huge year of growth in terms of recruitment and sales, the time was right to move into larger premises. The move has seen us relocate from Much Hoole to Ribble House, Bamber Bridge which […]

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What is a cloud server?

Tips and Guides/ 04th Apr 2017/Will Cook-Martin

What is a cloud server? The term cloud is often used to describe a myriad of internet related technologies, from cloud computing, to cloud drives to cloud servers. In this article we will focus on trying to provide an answer to a question we are asked on a daily basis – what is a cloud […]

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IPv6 and what it means

Tech Talk/ 29th Mar 2017/Dan Miller

You have probably heard the term IPv6 floating around the internet, or even IPv4. IPv6 in short is the succession to IPv4, the fourth iteration of the internet protocol. These schemes are IP address protocols which is the underlying technology behind the IP addresses on your home internet connection, servers and routers. The problem is, […]

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Reseller Packages – Is yours up to date?

Sales/ 22nd Mar 2017/Jamie Hoyles

As we enter our 15th year providing hosting, our reseller packages have come a long way. We are now on the fourth reincarnation of reseller accounts – each upgrade bringing with it an increase in resources. The current reseller packages were introduced in January 2016 and saw a minimum increase in disc space of 6GB. […]

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Managed versus Unmanaged hosting

Tips and Guides/ 14th Mar 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Anyone who has a business that relies on a website to service or create income, will tell you that it’s critical to have a reliable server or hosting account. Afterall, if your customers can’t reach your website, you can’t make money and you may even lose end users to your competition. In this article we’ll […]

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Reseller Hosting: A cheap way to host multiple websites

Webhosting Articles/ 09th Mar 2017/Jamie Hoyles

We have many clients who host more than 1 website with us here at Clook. Reseller hosting is an ideal way to do so however there are presently there are several ways to achieve this: Purchase a shared-hosting account for each site Use the ‘add-on domain’ facility available to shared hosting packages Take a reseller […]

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Clook SSL Certificate or Cloudflare SSL Certificate?

Security/ 02nd Mar 2017/Jamie Hoyles

This week, as a personal customer of Cloudflare I received an interesting marketing email from them with information on the launch of their new SSL Certificates. I expect this is something that will be also be on its way to many of our clients utilising Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network service. At first glance it looked […]

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Future proof your website with an SSL Certificate

Security/ 28th Feb 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Not everybody will be familiar with the term SSL Certificate or HTTPS – for those who are not, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a technique for encrypting and authenticating data traffic over the web in order to improve the security of a website/domain. An encrypted link is established between a server and […]

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