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Documents Required for GDPR

GDPR/ 18th Apr 2018/Jamie Hoyles

As the 25th May deadline looms, you should already be well underway with ensuring your organisation / business is GDPR compliant. There are a number of documents required for GDPR that you should have in place… Further GDPR topics can be viewed on the blog. The documents required for GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) […]

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Resellers – How to enable Let’s Encrypt on WHM

Tips and Guides/ 11th Apr 2018/Will Cook-Martin

Putting in place an SSL certificate is vital if you want to protect your customers and maintain or improve your search engine ranking. Google recently announced that they will be marking all sites without an SSL certificate as insecure. As a reseller, you should ensure that all your customers are aware of the need to […]

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GDPR Web Hosting for Clook Resellers

Company News/ 23rd Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

The majority of questions we are receiving relate to GDPR web hosting provided to our reseller clients. To become GDPR compliant by the 25th May you should be well underway with learning what is required and be implementing new policies and procedures throughout your organisation. As a business owner you should be reviewing your existing […]

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GDPR – A Shared Data Security Responsibility

Company News/ 22nd Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

Continuing our series of GDPR releases we look at shared data security responsibility: working together to keep your data secure… With the forthcoming implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation we look to clarify the responsibilities of Clook and those of our customers in order to keep your data secure. In house, we take […]

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Steps to take to become GDPR Compliant…

Company News/ 20th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

Here are 6 steps that you should undertake to work towards becoming GDPR compliant… A question we’ve been asked a lot recently has been ‘Can we use your GDPR documents to pass on to our clients?’ The answer is no…! Each business will have their own policies and procedures to follow, will use different suppliers […]

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GDPR: FAQs Relating to Your Web Hosting

Company News/ 16th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

Following on from the Commitment Statement issued in January, we look to address a few of the common queries we’ve been receiving from customers… What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Ruling (GDPR) comes into force from 25th May and replaces the UK Data Protection Act 1998. The GDPR won’t apply after BREXIT? This […]

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Improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed Web Server

Sales/ 12th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

We recently wrote about the positives LiteSpeed can bring to your web hosting platform. This time we explore how it’s possible to improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed is an alternate piece of web server software replacing the more commonly used Apache. There is a cost for LiteSpeed, however it can dramatically improve […]

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Why switch to LiteSpeed Web Server?

Sales/ 08th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

For those unaware, Litespeed Web Server is a type of software that can be installed on your cloud or dedicated server and replaces the more commonly used Apache software. Whilst both products have been in existence for 15 years+, Apache is estimated to serve around 50% of all active websites compared LiteSpeed’s share of only […]

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GDPR: The Right to be Forgotten

Company News/ 02nd Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

On Monday, Google updated their Right to be Forgotten policy… For those that are unaware – under European legislation you are able to ask Google to remove certain pages which contain information about you or your business from its public search results. The Right to be Forgotten also plays a big role in the upcoming […]

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Adding graphs and tables to WordPress

Tips and Guides/ 09th Feb 2018/Jamie Hoyles

I’ve recently been working on a couple of personal sites that require results and statistics to be displayed to the visitor and have been looking for an easy way of adding graphs and tables to WordPress. The data is stored offline in excel – ideally I wanted a free or cheap plug-in to do the […]

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