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Introducing LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed/ 05th Nov 2018/Jamie Hoyles

On Friday we began introducing LiteSpeed to our shared server network. For those unaware, LiteSpeed is a drop in replacement for the traditional Apache web server software. We have offered LiteSpeed over our cloud and dedicated products since early 2016 after trialling it over a number of internal servers. Why we are introducing LiteSpeed across […]

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LiteSpeed Coming Soon

LiteSpeed/ 02nd Oct 2018/Will Cook-Martin

Great news, we will shortly be implementing Litespeed on all our shared and reseller servers! TLDR for busy bees – Your site should be significantly faster – Your web application(s) will continue to work – There will be very little downtime – It won’t cost you any extra – You don’t need to do anything […]

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LiteSpeed or RAM Increase to Improve Server Performance?

LiteSpeed/ 21st Aug 2018/Jamie Hoyles

Regular readers of our blog will be aware of our affinity to LiteSpeed. This drop in piece of software is a great way to improve server performance without breaking the bank. This week, one of our long-standing users contacted us concerned that one of their websites was gradually seeing degraded performance. This is becoming a […]

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How to make your WordPress site faster using Litespeed – Part 2

LiteSpeed/ 14th Aug 2018/Will Cook-Martin

This guide is Part 2 of How to make your WordPress site faster using Litespeed, ensure you have completed those steps before continuing. Now that you have Litespeed installed and activated, let’s look at some more advanced configurations that can help with page load times, and page scores. 1 Log into WordPress 2 Hover over […]

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How to make your WordPress site faster using Litespeed – Part 1

LiteSpeed/ 03rd Aug 2018/Will Cook-Martin

You may already have seen our previous WordPress Litespeed post Improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed Web Server. If you’ve not heard of Litespeed and you use WordPress, I’d strongly recommend you look into it. Litespeed can significantly improve both the page load times (we’ve see pages load ten times faster) and can help reduce the […]

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Improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed/ 12th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

We recently wrote about the positives LiteSpeed can bring to your web hosting platform. This time we explore how it’s possible to improve WordPress Performance with LiteSpeed Web Server. LiteSpeed is an alternate piece of web server software replacing the more commonly used Apache. There is a cost for LiteSpeed, however it can dramatically improve […]

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Why switch to LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed/ 08th Mar 2018/Jamie Hoyles

For those unaware, Litespeed Web Server is a type of software that can be installed on your cloud or dedicated server and replaces the more commonly used Apache software. Whilst both products have been in existence for 15 years+, Apache is estimated to serve around 50% of all active websites compared LiteSpeed’s share of only […]

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