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A Clook Internet Football XI

Off Topic/ 13th Jan 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Working in an IT environment it’s not too surprising that the majority of the guys here aren’t too interested in ‘Sportsball’(!) Regardless, they’ve made it into the Clook Internet starting line up… Goalkeeper: Arran Short Hailing from rival town Blackpool, thankfully Arran’s signing a year ago was met with approval by the fans and he […]

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Name a Server!

Off Topic/ 15th Oct 2013/Karl B

Some of our more keen customers may be aware that we name all our servers after well known guitarists, here’s your chance to have a server named after a guitarist of your choice! This can make for some interesting names, such as Doherty, Duff and Buckethead for instance.  I’ll tell you, troubleshooting client email issues […]

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Clook Towers v2.0

Off Topic/ 19th Aug 2013/Karl B

With more office based staff joining us here at Clook Towers, it dawned on us that things were beginning to get a little on the cosy side.  So, with a larger premises becoming available just upstairs it meant we were able to move with relative ease. As we know some of you are a nosey lot, […]

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Did You Know 4.0

Off Topic/ 22nd Sep 2009/Chris James

For those who have never viewed a “Did You Know” video before, you will definitely want to check out the YouTube video that is posted at the following URL. Some of the statistics presented are amazing and others are quite alarming. Great video! Did You Know 4.0 on YouTube

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Happy 4th of July!

Off Topic/ 22nd Sep 2009/Chris James

On behalf of our entire team, we wish that everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July with plenty of fireworks to light up the sky!

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@clookinternet going the extra mile with support for me today - thanks guys! #brilliant #perfect #web #hosting

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