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Banning visitors from sending emails through Contact Form 7

Tips and Guides/ 13th Sep 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Following on from my previous post, How to stop spam emails being sent through Contact Form 7, sometimes a user may wish to permanently exclude a visitor from submitting information through the plug in. This article tells you how to block a user from sending mail via the form… The reasons for doing so can […]

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How To Back Up Your Website

Tips and Guides/ 26th Apr 2017/Jamie Hoyles

Building and maintaining a website is easier than ever nowadays, but that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. The site could get hacked, it could become compromised after an update, or you could delete critical files by mistake – and that’s just for starters. Whilst we at Clook will always keep daily, weekly & monthly […]

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Cheaper Email Hosting

Tips and Guides/ 12th Apr 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Ask any server administrator and they’ll tell you that the size of email boxes is an ever growing problem. This is mainly due to the fact that users don’t delete email (myself included!) and that the size of email attachments grows every day. There are various ways you can try to combat inbox sizes, including […]

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What is a cloud server?

Tips and Guides/ 04th Apr 2017/Will Cook-Martin

What is a cloud server? The term cloud is often used to describe a myriad of internet related technologies, from cloud computing, to cloud drives to cloud servers. In this article we will focus on trying to provide an answer to a question we are asked on a daily basis – what is a cloud […]

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Managed versus Unmanaged hosting

Tips and Guides/ 14th Mar 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Anyone who has a business that relies on a website to service or create income, will tell you that it’s critical to have a reliable server or hosting account. Afterall, if your customers can’t reach your website, you can’t make money and you may even lose end users to your competition. In this article we’ll […]

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Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server

Tips and Guides/ 14th Feb 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Cloud or dedicated? The answer to this is not always straightforward and isn’t helped by the amount of conflicting information on the internet. A good starting point is to firstly understand the differences between a cloud server and a dedicated server. Cloud Server Cloud servers are created using virtualization software to divide a physical server […]

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How to easily install a WordPress theme

Tips and Guides/ 08th Feb 2017/Jamie Hoyles

This guide will show you how to quickly install a WordPress theme to your website/blog. A theme is in essence a template that customises your website and allows it to look a certain way. There are thousands of themes available to users, both without charge and paid for. Typically you’ll find the difference between a […]

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How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

Tips and Guides/ 11th Jan 2017/Jamie Hoyles

We see many of our clients using WordPress to build their personal & business websites. It is the most popular Content Management System, is easy to navigate and users will find many guides and tutorials online should they require help or have a query. This guide will provide step by step instructions on how to […]

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How to integrate a WordPress blog in your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 28th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Regularly producing new content is one of the best things you can do to aid your SEO efforts. Normally, the easiest way to fulfil this is via a blog, where you can regularly post articles that are related to the main content of your site. Magento doesn’t have a built in blog but it’s fairly […]

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Make your Magento store faster with these simple tweaks

Tips and Guides/ 22nd Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Making your Magento store as fast as possible isn’t normally a quick and easy process and can involve many hours of server and code optimisations. A couple of quick and easy optimisations, are to combine CSS and JS files and flatten your catalog. Though you should really only do this if you have more than […]

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