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How to create a product in Magento

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A Magento store without products is well… not a store! In the following guide, I will talk you through how to create a product in Magento

Before you proceed you should review how to add a product category in Magento and how to create a Magento attribute set.

Log into the Magento admin panel

Log into your admin panel by visiting the admin URL

This is by default unless you specified otherwise when installing Magento


Navigate to the Manage Products section

Navigate to Catalog -> Manage Products. From here, you click the “Add New Product” button in the top right area of the page.


Create product settings

Select an attribute set, if you have not already created an attribute, you may want to look at this guide – How to create a Magento attribute set

Select a product type:

Simple product – has its own product page and can be searched independently of other products in its category.

Grouped product – is a lot like a simple product on the backend as it has its own SKU and stock management. On the frontend it is grouped with other similar products on a single product page. An example of this would be t-shirts with the same logo or style and the only difference between them is the size and/or color.

Configurable product – is like a Grouped product in that it shares a product page with other variants, the difference being that it allows more than one variable to be selected by the customer. For example, if the customer is looking at a shirt with a specific logo on it, AND they want a large one in blue.


Set the product information

This is where you configure all the variables for your product that affect how it is displayed on your website.

There are several tabs on this page, as a minimum you should edit the following:


The General tab allows you to edit the product name, SKU, status, description, and visibility. Additionally, you can assign a specific date range for it to appear as a new item on your store.


The Price tab gives you access to set the product’s price, special price, a data range for the special price, its cost, tax class, and tiered price. Tiered pricing allows you to set a different price for various customer types. For example, you could have wholesale customers that pay a different rate to your regular retail customers.



Magento requires three images per product, base, small, and thumbnail. If these are not set a default one is used, which can be set at Admin Panel -> System -> Configuration.

Full details on all the product information fields can be found here –


Save you product

Once you have finished editing your product details, click the save button in the top right area of the page



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