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How does Reseller Web Hosting Work

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    How does Reseller Web Hosting Work

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    One of the most commonly asked questions about our Reseller Hosting is How does Reseller Web Hosting Work?

    Let’s explore this in some more detail.

    What is a reseller?

    The Cambridge Dictionary describes a reseller as follows:

    a company that buys products from manufacturers and sells them to customers

    In the context of reseller hosting, you are effectively buying the product (Reseller Hosting) from the reseller hosting provider and then selling this to your own customers.

    So how does reseller web hosting work?

    As a business owner, it’s very likely that your principal motive for starting the business was to make a profit.

    Reseller hosting is a product that enables this. The reseller hosting provider sells you a Reseller Hosting account that has a large amount of disk space, which you can divide into sub-accounts and sell to clients at a profit.

    They are priced very competitively compared to single-site hosting accounts. You can think of them almost like a trade discount account.

    As a reseller, you are getting a discounted web hosting package that enables you to resell these at a profit to your customers.

    Is reseller hosting hard to manage?

    In short no. You require very little technical knowledge, which makes them ideal for anyone just starting out in reseller hosting.

    You are given login details for a master panel which makes it super simple to administer your client’s accounts. No technical knowledge is required at all.

    Everything you’ll need to do is one click away:

    • manage domains
    • create email accounts and calandars
    • backup, transfer and manage files
    • customise your panel
    • view server stats
    • put in place security measures
    • put in place free SSL certificates
    • set up a temporary domain
    • manage WordPress

    In short, everything you need to do as a web hosting provider is made easy. On top of this, you can also give your clients access to their own web admin panel so that they can do all this for themselves. Leaving you with very little management, if any at all.

    At Clook we use cPanel as our web admin panel. cPanel is the most widely used web admin panel in the world.

    Will my customers know that I’m a reseller?

    This depends on who the reseller host is and whether they offer what is often termed “reseller white labelling”. This is effectively where all identifiable features of web hosting are anonymised.

    • custom nameservers (i.e. you don’t need to use the hosting providers nameservers).
    • anonymised mail server mx records
    • no reference of the hosting companies logo on the web admin panelsd

    With Clook, our Reseller Hosting is completely white-labeled. Your customers would not be able to tell that we host your sites.

    What do I get with reseller hosting?

    As a reseller hosting client, you are provided with a master web hosting panel where you can manage sub-accounts.

    The sub-accounts are in effect your client’s accounts. From the master web hosting panel you can manage all aspects of your client’s accounts disk space, access, file management, email management etc.

    Reseller hosting can be fully white labeled. That means that your clients would not know you were using reseller hosting.

    With Clook, our Reseller Hosting customers get all of the following features:

    • unlimited bandwidth
    • massive amounts of storage
    • unlimited free wildcard SSL certificates
    • unlimited email mailboxes
    • Litespeed web server (for super fast websites!)
    • enterprise server hardware
    • One-click application installer
    • free power boosts
    • free billing software
    • Twice daily backups
    • Full backups kept for 30 days
    • a free CDN
    • 100% SSD storage
    • WordPress Tools
    • free website migration from other hosting companies
    • white label hosting, so that resellers can use their own brand
    • advanced security suite which automatically removes malware
    • Round the clock support included as standard

    What am I responsible for?

    Your reseller hosting provider is responsible for ensuring that your server is online and connected to the internet and that the web and email software is fully functioning.

    In short your reseller hosting provider’s job is to ensure that everything up to the web application (WordPress, Drupal etc) is fully functioning.

    As a reseller hosting client, your responsibility is to administer the web admin panel (create new email accounts etc.). You are also responsible for initial support communication with your clients, though generally the reseller hosting provider will troubleshoot more complex issues.


    I hope you found our guide on How does Reseller Web Hosting Work useful. I wish you the very best of luck with your reseller hosting venture.

    Here at Clook, we specialise in Reseller Hosting. We like to think that we offer the best reseller hosting in the UK… our customer reviews certainly back up this bold statement!

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