How To Set Up A cPanel Addon Domain

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Our shared hosting plans allow multiple sites to be hosted under the one package using the cPanel Addon Domain feature. It’s important to note however that as Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Magento, etc can use a lot of resources it may be better to create separate cPanel accounts for these websites. Our reseller products are a perfect solution in those instances.

What is a cPanel addon domain?

The cPanel “Addon Domains” feature allows you manage multiple domains from a single hosting account. These domains share the same pool of resources and are managed via the one cPanel profile.

How to set up a cPanel addon domain

1) Log in to your cPanel account. If our hosting is with Clook this can be done via, navigating to your services and once loaded – select ‘Login to cPanel’


2) Your cPanel home page will vary depending on the active theme however you will need to scroll to / search for ‘Addon Domains’

3) On the next page you will enter the name of the domain you wish to set up as the add-on domain:

The Subdomain & Document Root fields will be auto-populated.

You can choose whether to set an FTP account for the new domain. When you are ready, click the ‘Add Domain’ button.

4) All complete!

Once set up you can use Softaculous to install Content Management Systems such as WordPress in the usual way.

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