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Hard Drive Destruction & Server Removal


We recently employed an ISO accredited firm to carry out onsite Hard Drive Destruction of a number of drives taken from redundant servers.

As part of our own ISO requirements we have Information Security Procedures that we adhere to and as such took time to research the many companies out there before committing to the disposal specialist CDL.

There are various ways of Hard Drive Destruction – the most popular types being degaussing which uses an electro-magnet to delete data, shredding which involves cutting the drive up into multiple parts and crushing. It is this method which we chose for the drives here. This process involves the motor being punched out and the disks rippled and contaminated, making any kind of data retrieval impossible. The drive is beyond use as the disks will not spin up on the damaged motor. Even if the disks were fitted to another motor, the ripples and contamination on the magnetic substrate covering the surface of the disk make data retrieval impossible.

Hard Drive Destruction
We had almost 250 drives to be destroyed and 60 servers to be recycled after an audit of the hardware hosted within our Centro data centre. It was down to Jim, Chris & Dan to make the journey from Preston to Hemel Hempsted, staying overnight before spending the day removing 100’s of metres of cables and umpteen trips to the hired van removing the obsolete equipment.

Once the hardware was returned to our Preston office Computer Disposals Limited (CDL) were contacted to dispose of the servers and drives. They comply with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive which aims to reduce the amount of electronic and electrical waste going straight to landfill.

An engineer visited our premises with the specialist equipment required to destroy the hard drives. This was completed in the office where we were able to witness the destruction taking place. Once the task was complete all of the HDs and servers were removed and an asset report sent including serial numbers of the disks and servers.

We estimate that approximately 500KG of hardware was removed during this process.

Using a specialist firm and choosing the crushing technique to dispose of the hard drives ensures that the data is destroyed securely. This is a method that we will continue to use for the benefit of the company and of our clients.

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