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Seven reasons why you should use Magento

why magento

It is estimated that 1 in every 4 online stores utilises Magento. This includes the likes of Nike, Ford and Samsung, along with a whole host of smaller companies, including many customers here at Clook.

So why Magento? There are many reasons why Magento is a popular e-commerce platform, we’ve listed seven below:

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1. Magento is easily scalable

We’ve already outlined that both large and small companies use Magento. This is most likely because the platform is robust enough to cope with large traffic demands, whilst being open source means there is no pricing issue for smaller companies.

2. Magento supports multiple websites

Some businesses may require more than a single store front either from the very outset or upon expansion. Within Magento, there is the capacity to create, support, manage and track multiple store fronts containing many thousands of products, all within the same administration panel.

3. Magento takes care of Search Engine Optimisation

It goes without saying that when running an online store you’d want your products/services to rank highly on all major search engines. Magento meets many SEO considerations, whilst additional modules can be installed, to further boost your SEO efforts.

4. Magento can be optimised for mobile users

The proliferation of mobile devices has changed web browsing habits forever – the vast majority of people now access online stores via a smartphone or tablet. There are various extensions available to make a Magento store mobile-friendly, so that the front-end and just as importantly the back-end are pixel perfect on all displays.

5. Magento is a highly secure solution

Website security is understandably vital to e-commerce businesses. Regular updates are rolled out to ensure that Magento is protected against the latest security threats and there are various Magento extensions to help harden your Magento install.

6. Magento is compatible with various payment gateways

Whilst some e-commerce platforms provide you with a limited choice of payment gateways, Magento users have a plethora of gateways to choose from, including Paypal and Google Checkout. Whilst not always an item high on the agenda of many store owners it is a huge positive if you sell your products/services to an international audience.

7. Magento can be easily customised

With so much buyer choice, you need to wow your potential customers from the moment they land on your website. Thankfully, owing to the popularity of Magento, there are many off the shelf themes available, which can be easily customised to be inline with your branding.

In conclusion

Whilst Magento has a steep learning curve, and requires a fairly beefy hosting solution, it is a good choice for those seeking a solution with little upfront cost and inbuilt scaling.

Due to it being an open sourced product, there are a large number of plugins out there, both paid and free, to do many of the things you require, without paying for external development work.

To get a more comprehensive understanding of how Magento might benefit your business please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.

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