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How to install a Magento extension

How to install a Magento extension

Magento Extensions are fantastic. They enable you to add new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores, very easily.

If you’ve not installed a Magento extension before, we’re here to help – the guide below will walk you through how to install a Magento extension step by step.


This guide assumes you already have a working install of Magento. If not, you should follow this guide first – How to install Magento.

Install a Magento extension via Magento Connect

Installing a Magento extension through Magento Connect is the simplest way to add functionality to your Magento store, as it’s fully integrated with the Magento admin panel.

Log into the Magento admin panel

Log into your admin panel by visiting the admin URL

This is by default unless you specified otherwise on installation


Launch the Magento Connect manager

Navigate to System-> Magento connect->Magento connect manager

Login using the same credentials used to access the Magento admin panel


Launch Magento Connect

Click the “Magento Connect” link


Search for modules via Magento Connect

Locate the extension you require, using either the search function or the menu links.

Click the extension name, in this case “Minify HTML CSS JS”.


Get the Magento Extension Key

Click the “Install Now” button


If you don’t currently have a Magento account you’ll need to register now (free) and then login


Click the “get extension key” button”


Select and copy the extension key


Install the Magento Extension

Close the Magento Connect page down, back on the Magento Connect Manager page, paste the extension key and click the “install” button


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