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How to Enable a Cron Job Within cPanel

Cron is a Linux tool which schedules a command or script to run automatically on your server at a specified time and date. A cron job is the scheduled task itself. It is generally used for running scheduled backups, monitoring disk space, deleting files (such as log files) periodically which are no longer required and running system maintenance tasks.

Enable a Cron Job

The format of a Cron Job

The format is made up of the schedule and command:

Minute(0-59) Hour(0-24) Day_of_month(1-31) Month(1-12) Day_of_week(0-6) Command_to_execute

How to enable a Cron Job within cPanel

cPanel has a Cron Job application built in which is available to all Clook customers…

  1. Navigate to the ‘Advanced ‘ tab within your hosting account and select the item…Cron Job cPanel
  2. On the page that loads up you will need to select the schedule. The ‘Common Settings’ section has a number of commonly used frequencies available or you can choose your own from the options below it…
    cPanel Cron
    Now that you have selected your schedule it’s then a case of adding your command to the relevant field and hitting the ‘Add New Cron Job’ button.

Once saved your Cron Jobs will be visible at the bottom of the page:

cPanel Cron Job Panel

Should you decide that the process is no longer required you can remove it by clicking ‘Delete’.


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