How to Enable WordPress Automatic Updates

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This post details how to enable WordPress automatic updates… At present I have 20+ WordPress websites online – if I were to log-in each time a security patch is released and update the core install it would take an hour each time. Thankfully Softaculous has a setting that will automate the process for me – saving my time whilst keeping the installations secure.

When installing WordPress via the Softaculous one click installer you are given the option to enable to the feature but it can also be retrospectively turned on as follows:

1) Log in to cPanel and navigate to the WordPress option underneath ‘Softaculous Apps Installer’

Enable WordPress Automatic Updates

2) On the install you wish to enable automatic updates click the ‘edit’ option

3) An Edit Installation Details page will be displayed – it is here that you will confirm the options that you wish to upgrade automatically…

Personally I chose to disable the notification emails. I enable the core to be updated along with plug-ins but not the theme. I prefer to update that part manually in case any changes affect the look of my websites.

4) Once your options have been highlighted simply scroll down to the bottom of the page click ‘Save Installation Details’.

Of course there is potential that when you enable WordPress automatic updates, a change may be made that will affect the functionality of your website so it is recommended to check every now and then that all is ok.

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