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Clook Internet partners with CloudFlare!

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our CloudFlare addon to all hosting clients.  CloudFlare is a web security and caching system which can automatically protect your website from many security threats and bots along with speed up the site to visitors due to it’s global caching mechanisms.

Best of all, CloudFlare can be added for FREE* which includes a dynamic content caching system called Railgun (normally $200 per month from CloudFlare directly).

Key benefits of CloudFlare include:


The free CloudFlare package comes with automatic website protection based on reputation based threats.  This also includes the ability to dramatically reduce “comment spam” on blogs, forums and other dynamic website elements.


Due to the static content caching, Rocket Loader and Railgun network optimisation included with the free CloudFlare account websites will show a faster loading time of up to 144%.  Cached content is served from nodes around the world local to the visitor to further increase site loading speed.

In addition to this, when using CloudFlare caching, websites can accommodate much higher peaks in traffic due to a lot of content being served by CloudFlare rather than the hosting server.  This can often avoid having to upgrade servers, services failing as a result of traffic spikes and other “down sides” to website growth and popularity.

Finally, bandwidth usage will be reduced when using CloudFlare because static content is served from CloudFlare servers which do not incur bandwidth fees.


The free account comes with Analytics (updated once per day) which show the visits served, threats blocked and bandwidth saved from using CloudFlare.

This addon is available to all shared and reseller clients (along with clients of resellers due to it being unbranded).  Please see our FAQs below for further details and instructions:

CloudFlare Requirements
How to enable CloudFlare
How to optimise CloudFlare

* The CloudFlare basic package will be suitable for most users and is free of charge.  We can also include Railgun web optimisation within the free account due to our partnership with CloudFlare.  For enhanced features such as SSL, real time analytics, DDOS protection and web application firewall a paid account will be required as detailed here:

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