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Some of our more keen customers may be aware that we name all our servers after well known guitarists, here’s your chance to have a server named after a guitarist of your choice!

This can make for some interesting names, such as Doherty, Duff and Buckethead for instance.  I’ll tell you, troubleshooting client email issues on a server named “” can raise a few eyebrows from time to time…

Take a look at our network status page at the following URL to see the names we’ve already used, any name which we haven’t used already will be used for the next few servers we provision:

Clook Network Status

Use the comments box below to suggest a name!

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Scott is a UX Designer and Developer at Clook. He’s passionate about UI Design, WordPress Development and Marketing.

Working on the creative, branding and marketing side of Clook. He's involved in creating a variety of digital and print designs for us.

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