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Off Topic/ 15th Oct 2013/Karl B

Some of our more keen customers may be aware that we name all our servers after well known guitarists, here’s your chance to have a server named after a guitarist of your choice!

This can make for some interesting names, such as Doherty, Duff and Buckethead for instance.  I’ll tell you, troubleshooting client email issues on a server named “” can raise a few eyebrows from time to time…

Take a look at our network status page at the following URL to see the names we’ve already used, any name which we haven’t used already will be used for the next few servers we provision:

Clook Network Status

Use the comments box below to suggest a name!

  • Lissie! Because there are no L-named servers and she’s my favourite singer. 🙂

  • Faye Upton

    How about Slick (as in Earl Slick, lead guitarist to Bowie/Lennon/The Stars, and my former boss…)

  • I’d like you to name one Carlson .. after Dylan Carlson of Earth (and Solo … drcarlsonalbion)

    Earth >

    Solo >



  • James

    I’m not a big fan of them, but any list of respected guitarists should probably include the noodling trinity of Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen?

    A couple of my favourites would be Wes Montgomery and Al Di Meola.

    It would also make a nice tribute to the late Jeff Hanneman of Slayer…

    • Andrew

      Defo agree with the Vai and especially satriani. I suggest the nickname of Satch to make it easier.

      Also, I suggest ’emmanuel’ for Tommy Emmanuel, but to keep a more rock orientated suggestion, what about ‘buckingham’ as per the great guitarist of Fleetwood Mac?

  • Paul

    Kuehnemund – now try spelling that every time!

    Jan Kuehnemund, a founding member and lead guitarist of the all-girl hard rock band Vixen, passed away on October 10, 2013 from cancer. She was 51.

  • Dale Smith

    I think Satriani afer Joe Satriani, How can you not think “Surfing with the alien” is not epic??

  • Jim

    Great suggestions! Keep them coming 🙂

  • Coco Montoya, Mick Taylor, Walter Trout, Buddy Whittington are all fantastic guitarists who played in John Mayall’s bands at various times. Eric Clapton and Peter Green did too, but you already have them. And what about BB King?

  • Simon

    How about, Cockburn (Bruce), Buckingham (Lindsey), Howe (Steve) or Rothery (Steve)?

    (Still slightly regretful my account itn’t on Knopfler or Manzanera…who is Potter anyway?)

    • Some brilliant suggestions there!

      I think Potter is named after Don Potter, an American musician known as the man who created “the judds'” sound.

    • Jim

      Potter is named after Mark Potter from the band Elbow.

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