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cheaper email hosting

Ask any server administrator and they’ll tell you that the size of email boxes is an ever growing problem. This is mainly due to the fact that users don’t delete email (myself included!) and that the size of email attachments grows every day.

There are various ways you can try to combat inbox sizes, including the use of POP3 (email data is downloaded locally to a single device) instead of IMAP (email data is kept on the server) or by using an auto archive function, such as the one in Outlook

In normal use cases, the options above are not really viable. Users want to be able to view email on both mobile and desktop, which rules POP3 out and you’d probably spend more time and therefore money educating on the use of email archiving than paying for the additional disk space to cope with the email demand.

With this in mind, we introduced a cheaper email hosting solution last year – a range of email only hosting packages. These are ideally suited to users with larger email requirements and start from just £5 per month

These email packages can be used by anyone, and are especially useful for resellers – you can host your client’s website on your reseller account and their email data on an email package, which helps from both a segregation and pricing point of view

The packages include cPanel and all of the same features that are available on our regular hosting packages such as forwarders, filters, webmail and auto responders.

They are hosted on specialist hardware designed for high availability email, and of course includes our renowned 24x7x365 technical support.

Hopefully you’ll agree that the packages below offer a cheaper email hosting solution, we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions.

 Email – 1Email – 2Email – 3
Quota 5GB 20GB 50GB
Free Migration
Unlimited inboxes (single domain)
Web Access
Pop And Imap
Monthly Cost Per Domain £5 £10 £20
Annual Cost Per Domain £50 £100 £200
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Prices displayed under Hosted Email packages are per domain. Disk quota can be divided between multiple inboxes.

View our range of Hosted email packages or contact us if you have further questions

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