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Affordable, huge email inboxes

Hosted emails made easy

Are you looking for a much larger inbox solution with extra features but don't want to pay through the roof? don't worry, we've got this covered!

Our hosted email packages are aimed at those who require only email services or larger quotas to be used for email. The packages come with the familiar cPanel interface with all of the same features as available in our regular hosting packages such as forwarders, filters, webmail and auto responders.

Clook hosted emails

Our hosted email accounts, powered by the all-familiar cPanel, are perfect for those who only need email services or would like to split their email usage away from their main web hosting (with us or another provider) to take advantage of the lower cost per GB of space.

Hosted on specialist hardware designed for high availability email, we can provide up to 50GB email storage per domain along with our famous 24/7/365 technical support.

  Email - 1 Email - 2 Email - 3
Quota 5GB 20GB 50GB
Free Migration
Web Access
Pop And Imap
Monthly Cost Per Domain £5 £10 £20
Annual Cost Per Domain £50 £100 £200
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Prices displayed under Hosted Email packages are per domain. Disk quota can be divided between multiple inboxes.
We have a very strong team here at Clook and we build on everyone's strengths and weaknesses, you have to be able to make a good brew too!

Chris James

Any questions?

Can Clook migrate my existing email accounts?
  • Indeed. All of our email packages come with a free initial migration.
Will any email clients need to be updated after the move?
  • This depends on how the email clients are configured. If they use and this record can be amended, then we can update this to point to the relevant servers.
Can I upgrade easily?
  • Our hosted email packages can be upgraded easily via our client area or by contacting us to request a change of package. The package change does not involve any downtime or changes to email settings.
Do you provide Google Apps for Work or Exchange email solutions?
  • We discontinued our Google Apps and Exchange solutions in 2015 to focus on our own hosted email packages.

    While we are continuing the service for clients already on these packages, for new clients we recommend going directly to Google for Apps packages and Office365 for hosted Exchange.

    For clients with a hosting package with us wishing to move email to a third party provider such as Google Apps or Office365 will need to speak to the respective provider regarding the migration. If our help is needed in this area we can discuss our hourly rates for taking care of this.

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