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Cloud Server Vs Dedicated Server

Tips and Guides/ 14th Feb 2017/Will Cook-Martin

Cloud or dedicated? The answer to this is not always straightforward and isn’t helped by the amount of conflicting information on the internet. A good starting point is to firstly understand the differences between a cloud server and a dedicated server. Cloud Server Cloud servers are created using virtualization software to divide a physical server […]

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How to integrate a WordPress blog in your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 28th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Regularly producing new content is one of the best things you can do to aid your SEO efforts. Normally, the easiest way to fulfil this is via a blog, where you can regularly post articles that are related to the main content of your site. Magento doesn’t have a built in blog but it’s fairly […]

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Make your Magento store faster with these simple tweaks

Tips and Guides/ 22nd Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Making your Magento store as fast as possible isn’t normally a quick and easy process and can involve many hours of server and code optimisations. A couple of quick and easy optimisations, are to combine CSS and JS files and flatten your catalog. Though you should really only do this if you have more than […]

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How to generate a sitemap for your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 15th Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

If you want your Magento store to be indexed by a search engine, it’s important that you have a sitemap that search engine bots can crawl. You can read more about the importance of having a sitemap here Normally the sitemap needs to be generated manually. The good news if you have a Magento store […]

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How to make Magento 1.9 faster by integrating CloudFlare

Tips and Guides/ 02nd Nov 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Magento 1.9 is one of the easiest ways to make your Magento store faster. By doing so, you will ensure you are serving your static files i.e. product images, JavaScript and CSS from a server closest to your shoppers. This will result in faster Magento page load speeds […]

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Magento database maintenance

Tips and Guides/ 17th Oct 2016/Will Cook-Martin

If you have a sluggish Magento store, generally the advice is to implement caching, minimise file sizes, concatenate CSS and Javascript, use a CDN, and optimise server settings. Whilst good advice, it misses a key part of the jigsaw when it comes to website speed – your database. Magento, like most modern websites, stores its […]

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How to add Google Analytics tracking to Magento

Tips and Guides/ 10th Oct 2016/Will Cook-Martin

If you’ve been following our previous Magento guides, you should now have a fully functioning Magento store. Hopefully you’ve had some customers browsing your store and you may even have been lucky enough to have secured a few sales! Whether or not you have managed to sell any of your products yet, one thing is […]

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Seven reasons why you should use Magento

Tips and Guides/ 04th Oct 2016/Will Cook-Martin

It is estimated that 1 in every 4 online stores utilises Magento. This includes the likes of Nike, Ford and Samsung, along with a whole host of smaller companies, including many customers here at Clook. So why Magento? There are many reasons why Magento is a popular e-commerce platform, we’ve listed seven below: Did you […]

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How to enable caching for your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 26th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

Magento is a great e-commerce solution used by many of our customers. Most probably because it is scalable and helps to reduce back-end administration. One of its downsides is that it can be a bit of a resource hog. We don’t for example recommend that you try to run a Magento store from a shared […]

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How to migrate your Magento store

Tips and Guides/ 20th Sep 2016/Will Cook-Martin

So you’ve made the decision to move your Magento store to a new hosting environment but you’re not sure how or you find the thought of doing so yourself quite daunting. Depending upon your knowledge, it’s fairly easy to move a single Magento install. There are essentially three steps to this; download copies of your […]

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