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Domain Pricing Changes

Company News/ 15th Aug 2016/Chris James

We will soon be rolling out some pricing changes to our domain name services with some extensions getting a decrease in price but others unfortunately being increased. During our 15 year history we have never increased our domain pricing and instead have had two significant reductions in 2005 where .com’s went from £14 to £12 […]

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New cPanel backup system

Company News/ 26th Jul 2016/Chris James

Introducing our new cPanel backup system… After months of testing we will soon be launching our new advanced backup system to all shared and reseller clients (available at a small extra fee for cloud/dedicated servers). This new system replaces our current backup process of storing a daily backup archive (< 24 hours old), a weekly archive […]

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The Clook Team Expands Again With a New Sales Technician

Company News/ 19th Jul 2016/Chris James

The team has once again grown due to the continued expansion of Clook and we are thrilled to introduce Will Cook-Martin to the team. Will joined the team in May after previously working for BCMS Corporate and is part of our technical sales team. Great customer service is very important to us here at Clook […]

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Why is website speed so important?

Tech Talk/ 15th Jun 2016/Chris James

Website speed has been a hot topic within the world of SEO for years.  Many have debated how important it actually is to a website’s success and the simple answer is very important. The reason why website speed is so important boils down to two crucial points.  Google and customer experience, without either of these […]

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Clook introduces new staff members to the rapidly growing team

Company News/ 10th May 2016/Chris James

After continued growth and expansion we have now appointed two new technical support team members.  We are delighted to introduce you to our newest recruits; Arran Short and John Rushe. We pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service so Arran and John’s appointments will help ensure that all of our customers are getting the best […]

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How to secure a preferred domain name

Webhosting Articles/ 30th Mar 2016/Chris James

Choosing a suitable domain name for your business website is just as important as branding the company itself. It’s very often an afterthought for some business owners which can prove costly as having a good web domain will enhance your brand and improve your chances of driving traffic to the site. However, it admittedly isn’t […]

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How to keep your website protected

Webhosting Articles/ 09th Mar 2016/Chris James

When it comes to keeping your website protected from hackers and viruses the first thing to understand is that you could be a target. Many people tend to think that their website has nothing worth being hacked for but hackers don’t always compromise the security of a website to steal data, there can be a […]

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The 5 Essentials Of Quality Website Hosting

Webhosting Articles/ 16th Feb 2016/Chris James

Here at Clook it is not uncommon for us to encounter customers that have had previous bad experiences with web hosting, and it’s usually down to misinformation or not quite having the right knowledge to select the ideal hosting package that leads to this. There are thousands of web hosts out there so in this […]

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Package changes – more than just a number

Company News/ 13th Oct 2015/Chris James

We occasionally get asked about increasing package specifications (possibly in line with more recent developments in hard drive capacities) thinking it’s just a case of us altering a few limits at our side so I thought I’d tell a story to provide some insight on how this isn’t always the case. Think of the scenario… […]

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LiveChat webhook script for WHMCS

Tips and Guides/ 07th Sep 2015/Chris James

Some may have noticed that we have been using a new live chat system on our website to handle any sales questions from site visitors.  After testing a lot of different systems (which is for another blog post!) we settled on LiveChat. One of the great features of this excellent chat system is that of […]

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