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New managed dedicated servers

Company News/ 02nd Sep 2015/Chris James

We’ve launched a new range of managed dedicated servers this week with upgraded specifications and SSD drive options across the range. With the growth of our Cloud server offerings it has caused some confusion as to whether a Cloud or Dedicated solution is better suited.  We look at all enquiries on a case by case […]

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WordPress performance challenge

Tech Talk/ 17th Jul 2015/Chris James

Every so often here at Clook HQ we see a challenge being offered up, usually related to something silly such as eating cupcakes or locating something lost in the office!  The last office challenge was a little more interesting though… With discussions of making our new website as fast as possible a challenge was born to put […]

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Google Chrome bookmarks dealbreaker

Tech Talk/ 28th Dec 2012/Chris James

I love Chrome as it’s lightweight, stable, standards compliant and seems so much quicker in everyday use while browsing the net. However, I’m heavily reliant on my bookmarks library with hundreds of them organised into neat folders which, thanks to having the screen real estate, are a permanent fixture in my browser sidebar. For this […]

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Office refurb

Company News/ 04th Oct 2012/Chris James

I thought I’d share a picture or two of the work going on in our office at the moment to take down a few partition walls and increase the space available for “bums on seats”. The walls are down and the new meeting room built at the back but it’s still very much work in […]

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How to find a good web host

Webhosting Articles/ 16th Sep 2012/Chris James

We often encounter new clients who have suffered bad experiences in the past with their chosen web host from various things such as poor server performance, lengthy downtime or bad quality after sales care. While things like this are often difficult to determine before ordering a web hosting account I am writing this article to […]

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New Website

Company News/ 12th Sep 2012/Chris James

After 2 years in the making with the involvement of 4 different designers I’m overjoyed to be writing this blog post about our new website. Much of the subject matter remains the same but we’ve modernised the look and feel of the site and also made a few things more prominent such as this blog […]

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First affiliate to earn £1000

Company News/ 01st Oct 2011/Chris James

A huge congratulations to one of our valued affiliates who is the first to reach a payout level in excess of £1000. This is a great achievement which continues to earn a nice chunk of cash in return for sending clients our way. For anyone not aware of our affiliate scheme it’s a great opportunity […]

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Goodbye Fantastico, Hello Softaculous!

Company News/ 08th May 2011/Chris James

For many years we have used an application called Fantastico in our control panel which clients can use to install and update popular third party applications. Unfortunately in recent years the Fantastico makers have become slow at updating the third party scripts and the software has fallen behind in the market. After a testing period […]

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Data protection for web hosting

Webhosting Articles/ 27th Nov 2010/Chris James

This week the Information Commissioner (the government body which regulates data protection) used his new powers to punish data breaches for the first time by imposing heavy fines on those responsible (source). While the protection of sensitive data has always been important, the new powers available to the Information Commissioner are a big reminder that […]

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Happy birthday Clook!

Company News/ 19th May 2010/Chris James

This week our company celebrates it’s 8th birthday and enters the 9th year of being a provider of web hosting. In case anyone is looking for a quick laugh feel free to look back through our history of websites and the website designs that we used to have that now look rather dated! Clook Internet […]

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