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A Fresh Coat of Creativity: The Transformation of Our Office Decor

About a year ago, we embarked on a new thrilling journey. We packed our dreams and aspirations and moved into the Strawberry Fields Digital Hub, Chorley. The transition wasn’t merely about changing locations but was a voyage to fresh beginnings, fostering even more innovation and creativity in our workspace.

A Blank Canvas: Scott’s Vision

The first brushstroke on this transformational journey was our very own digital designer, Scott. Fueled by a vision of creating an office environment that stimulates creative thinking and fosters collaboration, Scott dove headfirst into the project. His designs didn’t just revolve around aesthetics; they were finely tuned to our identity, reflecting our passion and commitment to our work.

New office decor

Painting Through the Holiday Season: Will’s Handy Work

Come Christmas, the blueprint for our new office decor was ready to spring to life, and who better to wield the painter’s brush than our Chief Operations Officer, Will. An ardent DIY enthusiast, Will painted the office walls during the holiday season. He painted not just with colours but with dedication and hard work, effectively transforming the space into a vibrant and inspiring environment.

New office decor

A Space of Our Own: Feeling At Home

Walking into the office now is like walking into a space that’s uniquely ours. The new office decor is more than mere ornamentation. It’s a physical manifestation of our values, our mission, and our team spirit. From the entrance to the breakout spaces, every corner radiates a sense of belonging. It’s not just a workplace; it’s a home, where every member feels comfortable, invigorated, and motivated.

New office decor

The Strawberry Fields Hub: Our Happy Place

Today, we stand tall and proud in our beautifully decorated office at the Strawberry Fields Digital Hub, Chorley. As we look around, we see more than just desks and computers. We see a vibrant space where ideas take shape, where collaboration drives innovation, and where every individual contributes to a shared vision.

New office breakout area

In our newly decorated office, every day brings fresh inspiration. Each element of the decor – from the thoughtful colour scheme to the creative artwork on the walls – speaks to the heart of who we are and what we aim to achieve.

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