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Adding graphs and tables to WordPress

I’ve recently been working on a couple of personal sites that require results and statistics to be displayed to the visitor and have been looking for an easy way of adding graphs and tables to WordPress.

The data is stored offline in excel – ideally I wanted a free or cheap plug-in to do the job for me but as always, initial searches showed many results but not necessarily a solution that met my requirements. I tried a number of plug-ins with a varying degree of success but all had something missing, that was until I stumbled across TablePress.

It’s very easy to use and excel spreadsheets can be imported very easily. It’s simply a case of adding a short code to display the data to your WordPress site:

Adding graphs and tables to WordPress

Data can be sorted by the user and there are many adjustable settings to allow you to get the formatting as you wish.


I found displaying graphs to be a little bit more difficult however. Again, there are many available plug-ins but not necessarily ones that worked for me. I ended up using Chart Blocks for my graphs – a site that allows you to enter your data and a graph is then produced for you. I then took screenshots and uploaded the images to the site.

Adding graphs and tables to a website

The service is free to use and provides many different formatting options. Again it was simply a case of copying and pasting my data on to the site and the graphs are then produced – nice and easy!

So if you too are adding graphs and tables to WordPress you can’t go too wrong with TablePress & Chart Blocks…

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