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Web Marketing Campaigns / High Traffic and Web Server Considerations

When it comes to planning marketing campaigns for websites, or putting in measures to fulfil high traffic events such as Christmas (only 21 days away – where did that time go!) for ecommerce stores, the web server is often forgotten altogether.

Imagine the scenario. You’ve got a great new product promotion all ready to go. Enough product has been ordered to fulfill demand and the landing page has been painstakingly put together to ensure maximum sales conversions. You’ve employed extra staff to cope with demand and you’re advertising on more platforms than you even knew existed. Traffic starts hitting your website in droves and the pinging of orders on your phone is playing a tune Lubomyr Melnyk (World’s fastest piano player) would be proud of. You can almost hear the sound of the money hitting your bank…

Then you get the dreaded white screen of death and all your weeks of planning and preparation go out of the window. Instead of purchasing your products, all the traffic (which you’ve paid for) is now shopping around and purchasing your competitors product instead.

At Clook, we see this type of scenario more regularly at this time of year. Starting with Black Friday and ending after the January sales, when your customers, if they are anything like me, have no money left!

To avoid this, we strongly recommend consulting your hosting team at the earliest possible opportunity, certainly not ten minutes before your campaign goes live. There are various measures that can be put in place but they do require planning at the conception stage.

Good practice for web marketing campaigns

  • Implement a cached or static landing page, so that as few calls as possible are made to your database.
  • Offload static content such as images, css and javascript to a CDN such as Cloudflare.
  • Consider implementing queuing software such as Queue-it

Clook Customers

  • If you have one of our shared packages, you can double your RAM and CPU limits for just £5 per month – this will help you server more traffic
  • If you are a reseller customer, get in touch there are options we can discuss in detail.
  • If you have a cloud server, or dedicated server, you should also consider adding extra RAM and CPU cores to your server.
  • There are also more advanced solutions that you could consider putting in place, such as load balancing. This involves a minimum of 3 servers being setup to distribute web traffic based upon set criteria. We are expert at managing this type solution


In short, if you are expecting any sort of event that may increase the traffic to your site over a short period of time, you should contact your web hosting provider. At Clook, we are happy to provide existing and new customers advice, it’s all part of Clook’s going the extra mile ethos.

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Will's our technical sales guy from the hills of Rossendale. In his spare time he can be found designing and building websites, or doing a spot of DIY!

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