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The 5 Essentials Of Quality Website Hosting

Here at Clook it is not uncommon for us to encounter customers that have had previous bad experiences with web hosting, and it’s usually down to misinformation or not quite having the right knowledge to select the ideal hosting package that leads to this.

There are thousands of web hosts out there so in this article we’ll outline the essentials of quality website hosting and how you can use that knowledge to find the perfect package for your online needs.

Essential 1. Make a list of requirements

To avoid having a bad experience with web hosting, start your process by producing a list of requirements, outlining your needs from a hosting provider.

You also need to decide how much budget you are prepared to dedicate to web hosting as this will determine which type of hosting package you can afford. You get what you pay for so resist the temptation to spend below your means. Also, if a deal looks too good to be true then it usually is.

Without that list of requirements you could find yourself signing up for things that you don’t need or end up with a web hosting product that doesn’t serve your purpose.

Essential 2. Research

If you’re creating your own website or blog for the very first time then you need to locate a reliable web host. However, web hosting may be something completely alien to you and something that you’ve never even heard of, let alone considered.

Conduct some thorough research into it as the more knowledge you have about website hosting, the better you will be equipped to determine which hosting package best suits you.

It’s important to have a bit of knowledge to ensure that you are not sold hosting services that do not meet your requirements, so use your list of necessities to help whittle down the different hosting packages available.

Essential 3. Hosting types

A web host should inform you of the different types of hosting they have available and guide you in the direction of the right choice. Hosting encompasses everything from free hosting and dedicated hosting, to shared hosting.

Free hosting is ideally suited to those who are running a website for fun; however it may be dominated by advertisements and you don’t actually own the site.

Whereas, dedicated hosting is a considerable step-up and gives you more control, speed, power, enhanced security and reliability. Shared hosting simply means that your website will be shared on a server that hosts several other websites.

You can always upgrade to a more inclusive package if you find that the package you choose doesn’t suffice, but it makes life a lot easier to make the right selection first time around. Also remember to account for any potential future business growth when picking a package.

Essential 4. Hosting features

Each hosting package should detail the various features it provides and these should be fully scrutinised.

Things you should take note of include the amount of bandwidth and storage supplied, the secure measures utilised by the web host to prevent hackers and their average up-time.

If there’s anything else of importance not listed that you know of e.g. management tools, type of operating system utilised, bring it up in your initial enquiries to determine whether they’re capable of satisfying your requirements.

Essential 5. Customer support

Every second counts when your website goes down. The longer your website is inaccessible, the greater the chance that you will be losing valuable custom and potentially haemorrhaging money.

A reliable web host provider should offer an exceptional level of customer support. You should be able to instantly get in touch with them via e.g. live chat, email or phone whenever such issues arise and rely on them to resolve whatever the problem is as quickly as possible.

You will find that many web hosting firms provide 24/7 customer support, albeit to varying standards. So, just as you would when booking a hotel or restaurant, before signing up to a web host make sure that you check out what other people are saying about them in relation to customer service, and their overall service first.

For a trusted web hosting partner with proven credentials contact Clook online or give our team of experts a call.

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