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How to test your website’s security


Hardening your website against security flaws should be high on the priority list for any business with an online presence. Websites are constantly targeted by hackers, for a whole variety of reasons, who search for vulnerabilities to exploit.

So we strongly recommend that you test your website’s security thoroughly, to ensure that your service is as secure as possible.

Here’s three ways to put your web security to the test:

Use a web security testing tool

Some web security vulnerabilities can be detected by the many FREE open source web security testing tools you can find online. They can be used for a one-off search or scheduled to perform regular scans and will give you an indication as to how secure your website may or may not be.

You can find some example listed by OWASP here along with some commercial options

Whilst it is unlikely that this type of check will identify every security weakness (you need a security professional do that, see point 3), they can provide you with a good idea of where web security needs to be improved.

Run a WordPress or Magento scan

If you are using content management software, such as WordPress or Magento, you should ensure that all plugins/extensions and the core application are up to date, as new releases may address known security bugs.

There are various FREE and paid tools and plugins available too. For example, if you use WordPress there is WordPress Security Scan, WPScan, WordFence, Sucuri SiteCheck that you can use to scan your site and detect vulnerabilities. The paid options tend to provide a more comprehensive scan.

Magento users can use scanning tools such as to find out whether there are security related issues with their site and take subsequent steps to resolve them.

Employ a professional web security expert

There are small measures you can take responsibility for in relation to web security but running a business is a demanding job and continual monitoring of website security can be time-consuming. Complacency isn’t an option when it comes to web security.

Appoint an experienced web security professional and reliable web hosting provider who can shoulder the burden of testing website security by carrying out extensive security audits on your behalf, providing any necessary antidotes to reduce potential malicious attacks on your website. 24/7 web security support is vital as your website is a 24/7 solution that needs relentless protection.

No website can ever be 100% secure but being vigilant helps

If you discover that your web security isn’t sufficient, make speaking to a web security specialist a priority.


Web Security isn’t something that should be taken lightly, particularly if you rely on the website as a source of income.

If you are not confident enough to undertake this yourself, seek the advice of a web security consultant as soon as possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss the range of security measure we have in place to protect our customer’s data

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