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How to use Duplicator

This article looks at how to use Duplicator – a popular plug-in for WordPress that allows you to copy a WordPress website and move it to a different url.

The Duplicator site states the tool allows the user to ‘migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another’. It is a popular addition for WordPress and one that I have used myself a number of times. Some technical knowledge is required but if you can follow instructions then you too can make use of this handy plug-in.

How to use Duplicator Part One: Taking a copy of the existing WordPress site

1) Install and activate Duplicator via your WordPress admin area

2) From the left hand menu click Duplicator > Packages and then ‘Create New’ in the windows that opens

How to use Duplicator

3) If you are happy with the package name given, click Next. This will run a scan on the data:

Duplicator WordPress Plugin

4) Click ‘Build’. It may take a few minutes whilst the package is created.

5) Once completed you will need to download both the Installer and Archive files:

Migrate WordPress website

How to use Duplicator Part Two: Preparing the new hosting space for the migration

1) Copy the downloaded files to the directory of where your website is to be moved to. If your hosting is here at Clook this is likely to be the public html folder.

2) Create a new database. Again if using Clook this can be done via the MySQL Database Wizard. Make a note of the database name, the username and add all privileges to the user.

3) It’s now time to install the package. To start visit the URL of the new website, followed by /installer.php You should be presented with an installer page:

Duplicator Installer

4) Click next, this runs the deployment. On the second page you will be asked for database details. Enter the information used when creating the database a few steps earlier… The ‘Test Database’ option will check the credentials given and should show a ‘Success’ message:

Duplicator Credentials

5) Again click Next > Yes. The third step asks you to check where the website is to be uploaded. You should not need to change these details. Click Next…

How to use the Duplicator Plugin

6) Now, click ‘Site Login’. This will take you to the login page for your newly moved domain.

7) Finally, once your website has been moved you should remove the installer.php file as leaving it on the server could pose a potential security risk


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