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How to secure a preferred domain name

Domain Names

Choosing a suitable domain name for your business website is just as important as branding the company itself.

It’s very often an afterthought for some business owners which can prove costly as having a good web domain will enhance your brand and improve your chances of driving traffic to the site.

However, it admittedly isn’t always easy finding a domain name befitting your business. Sometimes that domain name you’ve dreamt of may be owned by somebody else or is simply too expensive to purchase.

All is not lost though. There will be a domain name available that’s suitable, it’s just a case of thinking carefully and finding it.

Use the following 5 points as a guide towards securing the perfect domain name:

1. Keyword research

Uncover which keywords people are typically using when searching online for the type of products/services that you specialise in. If possible, your domain may benefit from the inclusion of one of these keywords. The domain name also needs to try and give potential customers an indication of what your business actually does.

2. .com or .uk

Choosing between the .com and .uk suffixes will depend upon whether you predominantly intend on marketing your business to a global or national audience. It is recommended that UK-based firms choose a domain ending in .uk unless they don’t want to be pigeonholed as solely being a UK trader, in which case you would select the usually more expensive .com suffix.

3. Make it memorable

When people see your domain name advertised for the first time you want it to stick in their minds in an instant, particularly if they don’t have their mobile device to hand at that precise moment. They can then recall the domain and explore your site at a later time.

4. Keep it short

Similar to it being unforgettable, you should also try and keep the domain length as short as you possibly can so that it can be typed in just a few short seconds. It should also be easy to spell. Be warned though that short domain names are in very high demand and can cost you. Choosing a short domain name with a number included in it can sometimes prove less pricey.

5. Find your domain name

Once you’ve followed the above pointers you’re now in a position to find and register your ideal domain via a domain registrar. Don’t be disappointed if the domain you want is taken as a number of alternative suggestions will be given. You will also be able to acquire useful information on each domain such as its prior history, the volume of traffic it receives and when its current ownership expires.  To register your chosen domain with us you can start at our domain names page.

Get more assistance on choosing the right domain name by contacting Clook online or giving us a call.

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