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Here at our Clook HQ we often receive web hosting questions and queries, so to save you a bit of time we have answered the most common frequently asked questions for you.

Support FAQ’s


Can you restore my files/website/database from a previous time?

Usually, yes. All of our shared servers run daily backups, and also retain a weekly and monthly backup.

This means that if your website is broken, or you’ve accidentally deleted the wrong files, there’s a good chance that we can fix this with a backup.

However, we do always strongly recommend that you take your own backups, especially before making any major changes to your website.


How do I know if the disk on my Cloud server is running out of space? What can I do about it?

If you were running out of space, we would have been informed of this by our monitoring systems, and would have been in touch to let you know.

There’s no problem adding more disk space, either on your main disk, or your backup area. Just let us know how much you want and we can sort that out for you.

I’m new to all this. Can you run through the basics for me?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Our knowledgebase has many articles and tutorials that can help you, but if you’re stuck, just ask.

Our support team can work with all levels of knowledge – if you don’t know how to do something, we can most likely do it for you, but we’ll also tell you how it’s done so that you can just get on with it yourself the next time.

Even if it’s something that we can’t support, we can usually point you in the right direction.


Will you install WordPress onto my web space for me?

Unfortunately we can’t support your software or install it for you, but as Softaculous is on all of our shared servers, you can install most common applications with just a couple of clicks.

Why can’t I connect to my account using FTP?

All of our shared servers use a whitelisting system for FTP connections. You’ll need to add your external IP to the FTP Enforcer section of cPanel before you will be able to connect.


Can I change any of the PHP settings on my website?

Yes – there are a number of PHP settings you can change. You just need to create a file in your website’s document root called .user.ini (note the leading ‘.’)- You can either use FTP or cPanel’s File Manager to create this.

In that file, you can add directives such as memory_limit, upload_max_filesize and max_execution time, along with many others. These settings will take effect as soon as the file is saved.

Sales FAQ’s

Do your servers have SSD hard drives?

All new orders will be hosted on servers with SSD drives as standard. Since late 2015 we have been carrying out upgrades to older servers to introduce SSD drives to existing customers which is progressing well with 50% of servers now upgraded.


Are servers fully managed?

Yes! Our fully managed servers allow you to concentrate on your own business without worrying about server admin or Linux servers as we monitor 35+ services to make sure everything stays stable and if we notice any issues we will work on fixing it immediately without any request from you.

In addition to this we provide 24/7 support via email, helpdesk or telephone and can help with any of the features included with the server.

Finally, we will look after all updates and security hardening on your server both during setup and on an ongoing basis as new exploits might get discovered in exactly the same way as we do on our own shared/reseller hosting servers.


Are backups included in the packages?

Our shared/reseller hosting servers take backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, we can restore a file, directory, database, email account or whole account to any restore point within the last month.

All backups are stored off server on a specialised SAN storage system. Our Cloud/dedicated servers include a secondary drive (also stored on a SAN system) where daily and weekly backups are stored along with monthly archives too if drive space permits.


Can you migrate my website from my current web host?

Most of the time, yes! If you are moving from another web host who uses the cPanel control panel we can migrate all websites, email, databases and all other settings done within the control panel at no charge.

If your site is currently hosted on a server using a different control panel or none at all we can most likely help with the migration but would need to audit the hosting environment in advance before putting together a migration plan.

Please contact us in advance to discuss your situation and we can advise further.

If your question hasn’t been answered in this FAQ article, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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