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Fast, secure, reliable and an all-round better solution to scale your online business.

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Fully managed by our awarding winning support team.


There are many options online when it comes to Managed Cloud Hosting and our dedicated team are here to help and guide you.

With the fantastic benefits that come with Managed Cloud Hosting there is a high level of complexity that runs alongside it. Our highly qualified experts take away the need for you to fully understand the in's and outs, leaving you to concentrate on your business and happy we've supplied the best solution for you.

Configured to your needs, we provide the right level of performance and security at the best value!


Our Managed Cloud Hosting technology offers greater flexibility and a variety of options that can be tailored to best fit your needs. Our approach is to consult with you to define how our scalable technology can help you through a time of growth and expansion.

With our Managed Cloud hosting solutions, you're not limited with packages or having to choose from what's on the shelf. We can custom configure your hosting solution so you only pay for what you need.

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2GB Memory

1 CPU's

50GB Primary Disk

50GB Backup Disk





12GB Memory

4 CPU's

150GB Primary Disk

200GB Backup Disk





18GB Memory

8 CPU's

350GB Primary Disk

350GB Backup Disk




XL Pro

24GB Memory

24 CPU's

500GB Primary Disk

1000GB Backup Disk




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    Let our experts take the hassle out of moving your website.

    All of our website hosting plans come with a FREE migration from your existing provider without service interruption.

    Our Managed Cloud Hosting Servers are packed full of useful features.

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    Fully managed & Monitored

    We believe it's our customer service and support that sets us apart. We are passionate about delivering you the best solutions.

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    10Gbps + 40 Gbps Networking

    The ever growing bandwidth for data transmission is something we take full advantage of and our networking speeds get your data to where it needs to be and it doesn't hang around.

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    Enterprise Hardware

    Robust, well tested and perfect for medium to large hosting enviroments, we have invested in high quality technology.

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    Email spam is one of the root causes for your server to become exposed to malware and exploits. We block and filter these to protect your business.

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    Full support from our dedicated support team

    Our high level of customer support is what we pride ourselves for and we believe in it being at the core of our values.

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    Easily recover lost files and data

    With built in backups and redunacies, we have procedures in place to protect you against loss of data.

    Shared | V2 Cloud

    What is the right solution for you?

    There are various types of hosting that can be offered, varying from virtual private servers (VPS) to the more common shared server hosting. Choosing the right solution is largely based on your needs.

    A shared server may be low-cost, managed cloud hosting is easier to scale and has more security built-in.


    Shared hosting servers hold multiple websites and, you share the resources of the server with them. Sharing your server with other users can cause security issues if one of the other websites are exploited. This will leave you vulnerable to malware, downtime and loss of data.

    Spam Protection & DNS Clustering

    Enterprise Hardware

    PHP 5.5, 5.6, PHP 7

    Solid State Hard Drives

    RAID Storage

    SSL SNI Compatible

    V2 Managed Cloud Hosting

    Managed Cloud hosted websites are spread across multiple servers. This allows us to move your website around easily and adjust your server resources to handle spikes in traffic and other complications. Being on your personal /private resource removes the worry of 3rd party website exploits.

    Fully managed & Monitored

    Spam Protection & DNS Clustering

    Hardware Redundancy

    Network Redundancy

    Enterprise Hardware

    Litespeed Web Server

    PHP 5.5, 5.6, PHP 7

    Solid State Hard Drives

    RAID Storage

    SSL SNI Compatible