Our Hardware

We invest in the best hardware so you never go offline

Enterprise Hardware

We use enterprise-grade hardware to provide the most stable and reliable hosting environment. We don't believe in penny pinching on our hardware as it is the bedrock of our service and has to be on top form, all of the time!

Blade Technology

A blade server is a machine which shares power supplies, cooling and remote management components with other blades within the enclosure. Each blade has its own hard drives, CPU's, main board and RAM allowing them to act and perform as independent servers.

We use blade servers across our different services where the requirements demand an enterprise level, stable solution. The specifications vary depending on the function with our current specification based around dual hex core CPU's, 16 GB RAM and two 600 GB 10k SAS drives in a mirrored pair.

Rackmount Servers

Where a solution requires a more flexible specification of server we will use traditional rackmount servers. These are larger in size and allow more hard drives to be installed also offering greater flexibility with network connections.

We use Dell servers throughout with varying specifications in use across our services depending on the service being provided or the requirements of the client.

Rackmount servers can run dual eight core CPU's, a mixture of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps networking, a large amount of RAID protected SAS, SSD or SATA hard drives and up to 192 GB RAM.


The majority of our hosting servers use local storage in the form of hard drives installed in a RAID1 or RAID10 protected array. However, where off-server storage is required, such as for backup data, we use storage servers connected through a high speed private network.

We have a number of Dell Equallogic storage units and other rackmount machines containing many high capacity hard drives used for data storage. All utilise RAID technology to improve performance and provide redundancy.

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