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Cookies & Website Tracking

Cookies are small files stored on your computer which retain a small amount of data specific to you and your interaction with our website. Cookies allow us to tailor page content more specifically to you and in some cases are essential to the user experience, eg our order form.

We use Google Analytics on this website to track visits and activity of visitors. This is done so that we can improve our website and the experience of those using it and also to measure business performance. No personal information is gathered or stored during this process, only data related to your computer type, browser type and region/country.

For further information about Google Analytics and the cookies set please see the Google Analytics Cookies website.

We also utilise cookies in the blog section of our website for core functionality along with our ordering process/shopping cart. Additional cookies are used in the ‘share’ section of the sidebar on most of our web pages to keep track of any social networks visitors have shared links to the webpage and (irnonically) to keep track of visitors who have accepted our use of cookies on the website. Disabling cookies will affect the usage of this website and further information on doing this in most browsers can be seen at

Customer Testimonials

We never publish customer testimonials without seeking permission first. This will be done in the form of a personal email to ask whether we can use your comments on our website and/or promo material. Testimonials submitted to hosting directories or other public websites will be assumed as safe to use without seeking permission first.

Ordering Processing and Customer Records

During the order process we require customers to supply contact details such as their name, address, email and phone number. This are for internal records only and will never be passed outside of the company. It is important that we have these details so customers can be contacted and payments verified.

Payment Processing

All payments are processed using SSL encryption between our systems and those of our processing partners.

Accurate Data

It is of great importance that we maintain accurate contact details for customers at all time. Details that are not maintained may result in the inadvertent disruption of service or more a rigorous security verification process if we are unable to identify you or an associated contact. These contact details may be kept current within our client portal.


All customer information, including applicable billing records and encrypted credit card information, is stored within a secure online database with multiple layers of necessary protection in place. Customers that wish to forgo automatic billing may choose to pay manually, thereby not storing a credit card in our system. We may also retain offline records of necessary data within physically secure conditions for record-keeping purposes.

Policy Changes

From time to time this document may be changed. Revisions will be communicated via the Internet with an announcement being posted within our community forums and/or your client portal.

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