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Primary SSD Storage


Data Transfer


£00 a year 10% saving

All servers include 1 IP address at a cost of £1 per month

What does a managed cloud server give me?

Fully managed & Monitored

Our full management covers everything that comes with the server along with optional features such as caching, extra PHP/Apache modules and much more. We will look after all server administration, updates and maintenance along with monitoring 35+ services 24/7 allowing you to sleep well at night knowing your server is in safe hands!

Fully managed & Monitored
Spam Protection & DNS Clustering

Spam Protection & DNS Clustering

All Cloud Servers are configured on our email and DNS clusters taking the resource usage of these services off your server and on to our clusters. This also brings extra redundancy and resiliency to the services.

10Gbps Networking

With mirrored storage and storage area networks, the speed of the network can be the bottleneck at other providers using standard 1Gbps networking. We have safeguarded against slow internal networking by using super fast 10Gbps internal networking on all hypervisors and storage nodes along with category 6 shielded network cabling.

10Gbps Networking
Hardware Redundancy

Hardware Redundancy

A major benefit of our Cloud Servers is the hardware redundancy whereby if a hardware node should develop a problem, all Cloud Servers hosted upon it will seamlessly migrate to a different node without any downtime or adverse effects.

Enterprise Hardware

We only use enterprise level hardware for our cloud services including SSD drives as standard, dual hex-core CPU’s and 64+ GB RAM in each hypervisor. We are confident that the hardware we are using is the best for the job with no expense spared.

Enterprise Hardware
Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Web Server offers a combination of cutting-edge features, outstanding scalability, best-in-class performance, Apache compatibility and application-level cache acceleration.

What happens next?

Every clook cloud server package is built from the ground up

  • Your order is placed and security checked for fraud
  • Your order passes the fraud check and is accepted during business hours
  • Your order begins deployment
  • Login details are sent to your email address and your server is online ready to be used!
Exceptionally fast and helpful support, as I have constantly found over the last 8 years from Clook

Andrew Gadsden

Any questions?

What if I reach or exceed my servers bandwidth limit?
  • All servers come with no hard limit on bandwidth meaning that they will remain functional as normal if the bandwidth/data transfer limit is reached.

    At the end of the month an invoice for 'overage bandwidth' will be raised. Live bandwidth information is visible from your client portal.
How do you ensure uptime on my managed cloud server?
  • We monitor your server 24/7/365 through our Network Operations Centre along with over 40 monitored services.

    In the event of an issue on your server, our technical team will be notified within seconds both day and night which will allow a prompt resolution should a problem occur.
How are the external backups handled?
  • All servers come with a mounted backup drive which writes to our off-server storage system.

    This drive is used within the server for nightly cPanel backups where daily and weekly archives are stored with monthly archives also possible to enable if enough space is available on the drive.
What Operating System do you use?
  • CentOS 7 is installed on all of our managed cloud servers. This is the same operating system used throughout our network, and after years of use is the best fit for the cPanel control panel.
What support is available?
  • We provide 24/7x365 support for all cloud servers, this includes ensuring uptime for the server and assisting with any performance related tweaks to the server itself.

    We operate a very knowledgeable technical team who are happy to assist with any technical advice or issues.
Is SSH access available?
  • SSH access is available on all managed cloud servers.
Is console access available?
  • HTML5 console access is available via the client portal.
Can custom software be installed?
  • We can install well documented and maintained software upon request but our ongoing support for software not included within our default server specification may be limited.

    Contact us to discuss this.
Can my clients make use of your support?
  • Unfortunately not. Our support extends to our direct clients only and cannot be provided to clients of our clients.
I want to send a lot of mail, is there an hourly email limit?
  • Managed cPanel servers by default have an hourly email limit of 500, however this can be increased / removed on cloud Servers.

    Please contact us to discuss this.
What if I need more disk space?
  • One of the main benefits to Cloud Servers is that requirements can be increased as required.

    Contact our accounts team if you would like to increase the disk size on your cloud server.
How long will my cloud Server take to set up?
  • The deployment process itself only takes less than five minutes.

    All orders are subject to fraud checking, so once this stage has passed, your server will be online in no time.
Where are your servers located?
  • All of our cloud servers are located in Manchester, United Kingdom at a facility operated by Equinix called MA3 (formerly called Joule House).

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