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Our Environmental Goals – Clook Internet

Our Environmental Goals

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Our Ethos

We all have a shared obligation to look after our global environment to protect it for future generations.

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Our Office

Within the office, we’re proactively reducing our carbon footprint. We constantly drive to reduce energy consumption.

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Our Datacentre

Our data centre partners adopted the use of 100% renewable energy back in 2013.

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Our Team

Every member of our team actively encourage a healthy and environmentally friendly workplace.

Operating within the IT sector.

We are conscious of the levels of power we use to provide our service. Our servers are powered on 24/7 365 days a year, enabling our customer’s businesses to function successfully.

We are well aware of the power our servers consume, which is why we only partner with data centre partners that use 100% renewable energy sources and are ISO50001 accredited.This means we areconfident that energy reduction and Power Usage Effectiveness is front and foremost of their business plan and they are committed to a reduction of their carbon footprint.

Our data centre partners adopted the use of 100% renewable energy back in 2013. Their energy reduction measures include Cold Aisle Containment rack layouts, and the implementation of highly efficient UPS systems which run at near unity power factor. These technologies have enabled themto achievea PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of ~1.3.

We ourselves are constantly reviewing our data centre usage in a drive to reduce energy consumption. In 2020, we moved all our existing cloud servers onto a new cloud platform. By doing so, we halved the number of physical servers required, also halving our energy requirements at the same time.

Lancashire is Clook's home

We relocated in 2018 with a goal of improving the workplace location in relation to public transport links.

We also encourage the use of the Cycle2Work scheme for the team’s commute. We are now within walking distance of a main railway station and several key bus routes. We have a “public transport first” policy for business travel and all company vehicles are hybrid powered with our office carpark providing EV charging bays for staff use. Within the office environment, we’re proactively reducing our carbon footprint:

  • Switched from single use water bottles to a water tower with reusable containers
  • Low energy lighting throughout the office
  • EV Car charging bays
  • IT equipment is procured from a local IT company on a low energy rating basis
  • We have a don’t print unless absolutely necessary policy
  • There is a recycling scheme within the office for coffee pods, cardboard, plastics
  • Any IT equipment that is no longer required, and is not a security risk, is given to IT recycling vendors, who reuse the equipment
  • We are in the process of applying for ISO14001 and ISO50001 accreditations
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