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Managed Dedicated Servers

Your Dedicated Server, our Committed Team

24/7 X 365 Technical Support

We offer 24/7x365 Technical Support via telephone and tickets. We believe in ease of access to technical resources!

Excellent Service

Most of our servers have 99.99% uptime, remove the headache of downtime. This is reflected on our transparent status website.

Industry Leading Response Times

On average it takes our team less than 2 minutes to answer a ticket and 60 seconds to answer a telephone call.

100% Fully Managed

Put simply, if it comes with the server, we're responsible for it! Just like our own servers, we will monitor 45+ services and metrics of your server with a 5 minute a response in the event of an alert.

Our NOC operates 24/7/365 so in the event of any alerts it's likely we'll have fixed it before you even notice!

Our 24/7 support team will help with any aspect of your server whether it is guidance on how to use the control panel, advice on capacity or website activity or any other question! If you don't want to have root access that is fine as anything involving root is covered under our management.

When we say we tailor our servers, we mean it.

If a provider can get a server online within five minutes for you, you have to question exactly what they have done to tailor the server to your requirements.

Every website has unique security and performance requirements. It's important to understand these from the outset, so that we can help ensure you and your customers get the most out of visiting your website. At Clook, we spend a lot of time at the initial discussion phase, understanding your requirements so that we can put your exact requirements in place on our dedicated servers.

What we mean by fully tailored.

Security audit

Our server security audit is a process of reviewing existing procedures, network architecture and supporting policies. Doing this ensures that your servers are secure from external and internal threats.

Performance review

Every six months we'll work with you and make sure you're getting the best from your hosting server. Through consistent monitoring and reporting will clearly show us the history of your server. Collating this information will help us build a picture of peaks and dips of performance and the best way to move forward positively.

Access lock down

Your managed dedicated server can come with a host of user roles, allowing members of your team a variety of access and permissions. This can easily be controlled through WHM & cPanel.

Software requirements

If you need specific software requirements on your managed dedicated server, we can help get these installed and running smoothly. WHM/cPanel can be fitted as standard and we always recommend running Litespeed Cache on all servers.

Logging requirements

Each of your managed dedicated servers will actively log many aspects of the day to day running. This information stored is important and can be used for traffic analysis, SEO and resource performance. cPanel comes with useful dashboards to review your server logs.

What others charge extra for, we include as standard

We don't charge extra for "premium features", we just include them as standard.

We believe that what our competitors package together as premium features, should be included as standard.

Why should you pay extra for "expedited support" or "patch updates"?
Shouldn't that be included as standard?

When you take our a dedicted server with Clook, items that you have to pay an additonal fee for elsewhere are all included as standard.

We look after you server 24/7 like it's our own.

Anyone can get a dedicated server online. The expensive part (even if you have the expertise inhouse), is keeping it online to ensure that your website is always accessible.

That's where we come in. Our committed team of experts use our bespoke monitoring system, to catch problems before you or your customers even realise there is an issue.

We're not just another hosting provider. We own your server issues like they are our own.

Having a dedicated server with us means never having to worry that your server is online again.
We do all the worrying for you!

Chris James - Managing Director

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Enterprise Hardware

Firstly our dedicated servers are not packaged. Our lead time for dedicated servers is two weeks. We order in hardware specifically for you and your requirements. We don't just simply turn an old server back on.

For the techies out there we generally use Intel 12 and 24 core CPUs, DDR4 RAM and NVMe hard drives.

As we tailor each dedicated server, we'd be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.

If you don't understand that, don't worry. We only use enterprise hardware, which means it's reliable and quick.

It's safe to say that your websites will run quickly on our dedicated servers.


With your own dedicated server we can customise the software and settings to your requirements.

Your named account manager will discuss your requirements with you in advance of going live to understand your business and what you will be using the server and can make suggestions using our 20 years of experience as a web hosting provider.

If your requirements change after launch we're just a phonecall or email away and can discuss the options with you to get the best out of your managed server.


Our typical update and maintenance procedure on fully managed servers:

Urgency Example Timescale for rollout

Priority 1

(a) New exploit discovered with server vulnerable to severe impact.

(b) Bug fix to address stability issue within operatin system.

< 24 hours (at agreed time)

Priority 2

(a) Minor security exploit discovered but not exploitable on our solution.

(b) Bug fix to software not impacting soluton.

< 7 days (at agreed time)

Priority 3

(a) Operating system feature enhancement or minor bug fix not affecting hosting enviroment.

(b) Non urgent bug fix to element of software.

(c) Cosmetic, non service-impacting changes to operating system.

< 30 days or during next scheduled maintenance session (as discussed on a case-by-case basis)



By using enterprise level hardware we can ensure optimum reliability from the server. If any component fails or develops a problem that is our responsibility and we'll replace within 2 hours.

All servers are connected to our own network via 1 Gbps uplinks which is powered by redundant routers handling the multiple transit providers we have in place.


You will be hosted on your own hardware physically separate from all other clients.

Due to this we can fully customise your firewall and security configuration on the server to ensure that your server can operate as per your requirements while remaining secure.

If you operate an e-commerce store on your server we will work with you to ensure PCI compliance.


Fully Managed

Having a dedicated server with us means never having to worry that your server is online again. We do all the worrying for you.

Whilst some providers will happily provide you with root access (in effect you share the responsibility for the management of the server), we prefer not to unless you specifically request it.

All servers will be managed by our sys-admin team, headed up by our Lead SysAdmin Ant. Monitoring, maintenance, updates and security rulesets will all be managed by ourselves and will require no intervention from you. You will never have to request patch updates with ourselves, this is included as. We will agree an update and maintenance procedure including urgency categories and timescales.

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