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  • Tailored support
  • Custom SLAs
  • Deployment automation

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At Clook, we believe that strong partnerships lead to great outcomes.


We're not simply another web hosting company. We are refreshingly unique. As an independently owned family business, we have the freedom to be agile, creative and flexible.

We know that your website is vital for your unique business. An off-the-shelf hosting product does not take into consideration this uniqueness. That's why we build your dedicated solution from the ground up, from the tailored hardware right down to the customised support agreement.

We're hugely passionate about the service we provide. We enjoy getting to understand you and your business so that we can become part of your trusted team. We go the extra mile to ensure your website is online 24/7 to serve webpages to the traffic you've worked so hard to attract.

We don't have to rely on long-term contracts. Our fantastic customers stay with us because they intrinsically trust our advice and rely on our support.

Why partner with Clook:

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Fully tailored solutions from the hardware to the support agreement
  • Director lead team with named contacts
  • Independently owned with a laser focus on customer support
We are not simply another web hosting company.
We are refreshingly unique.

What you can expect:


We're ready to help you overcome your online challenges.

We'll get to know you and your web application during your consultancy session. We'll use a variety of tools to identify areas that can be improved.

After our time together, you'll receive a report via email, detailing our suggestions. We'd love to become part of your team, and help you put into place the action plan.

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Feeling Inspired? Let's solve your online challenges together

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I have been using Clook for many years now and have only good things to say about their service.

Their tech support guys are always quick to respond and are very knowledgeable, and they are always proactive with server updates and security issues.


Their support is the best I have ever had for any service. Clook always have a help article to get you through any technical difficulties and if that is too advanced for you they are happy to step in and sort the issue for you. Fast, efficient and always resolve the issues.


The fact that I’ve trusted Clook with numerous websites for over 15 years should assure prospective clients. Service and support is exceptional with support tickets being responded to in minutes vs hours or days by many others in the industry. It’s all about Peace of mind knowing they have your back. 100% recommend.


Excellent service. I've been with Clook for over 10 years. Never had any issues and always quick to solve any problems and assist straight away.


Good at communicating in language that the non-tech person can understand. Prompt, helpful, and good value for money.”


This is BY FAR the best hosting service we have used in the past 20 years. We measure a hosting service by their willingness to help with the issues that always arise when starting with a new host, by their flexibility in their responses - they try to do what you actually need rather than palm you off with a standard approach.


Great experience so far and only been with Clook a short while, also support is very speedy often having a response to anything I have been trying to sort on the same day within a few hours or even minutes.


I’ve hosted my website with Clook for the last few years and the service has been fantastic throughout. I moved to Clook as my previous host couldn’t handle traffic spikes and Clook hasn’t missed a beat.


I have used clook for several years, their service and support have been flaweless throughout. I would definitely recommend.

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