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Managed Cluster Hosting

A bespoke configuration just for you

For when things get a little more complicated

Looking for a multi-clustered solution, maybe something to run a popular web application or mobile application? Get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to work out a custom solution for you.

With too many years of combined experience to document, our technical team thrive on creating complex solutions. It's the fun stuff for them!

PCI Compliance

For websites that collect credit card information PCI compliance is often required. To achieve compliance the server and web application must comply with a large number of strict requirements to ensure the security of card data and its storage and movement throughout the systems.

We can assist with PCI compliance to make sure that all server settings are optimal and advise on the best settings for web applications. In the event of any issues with the PCI scan (which can occur as PCI standards change over time) we can work through the scan report to resolve any issues before any rescan takes place.


Clustering is where a number of servers are “pooled” to combine the resources into one platform which can be applied to web services, database services or a bespoke service.

In a recent deployment we designed and provisioned a bespoke solution for a large e-commerce website based on Magento which had to be scalable as resource requirements changed over time. We used six servers each containing dual quad core CPU’s and 8 GB RAM to create a clustered solution based around a software stack containing Nginx, MySQL and PHP. Due to additional security and performance requirements we also implemented HAProxy and Pound to both terminate the SSL connections and to handle the proxying of connections to the backend servers.

To complement the above setup we built a custom administration interface based on Django to ensure the long term stability of the platform.

Advanced Caching

Caching is a technology based upon the fact that many web requests are repeated for all visitors so can be served from a “cache” instead of processing the web request through the web server for each request. There are a number of different types of caching including op-caching, key/value storage and transparent caching.

Our preferred method of caching is Varnish, Varnish is a transparant proxy that sits in front of the webserver allowing caching outside of any applications. We can provide other types of cache, such as APC, memcache or Redis though these will require a higher level on input from web developers.

SSL Offloading

SSL Offloading is a technique where by SSL is terminated upstream of the webservers. This allows the overhead of the SSL connection to be processed away from the webservers and keep alive to be enabled while still load-balancing traffic to a cluster of servers.

Other advantages of SSL Offloading include being able to use a Layer 7 proxy, such as HAProxy to enable a higher level management of traffic.

We’ve been hosting with Clook for over ten years now and we’ve been very happy with the service we get from them.

Emily T

We’ve used Clook’s hosting service for several of our websites over a number of years. Clook always answer any queries we have in a very speedy response time, which is excellent! We would recommend Clook 100%, thanks!

Joanna M

Every time I have a query or issue the Clook team respond quickly and with expert knowledge.

Sally J

We had to migrate an existing service over to a cloud solution as a matter of urgency.
Clook sorted it out within 24 hours. Pretty amazing service.

Michael B

I’ve been with Clook for 12 years so that in itself says it all. During that time I’ve had excellent service and as near 100% reliability as makes no difference.

Chris W

Clook are the best web host I have ever used. The support team are very responsive, friendly, helpful and clearly are experts in their field. The service is equally great and flexible for all needs.

Anthony P

The team at Clook have an exceptionally fast response time if we have needed anything done, they are helpful and friendly, we will continue to use Clook for our hosting and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Brian M

As someone who knew nothing about web hosting Clook staff helped me through a simple migration. Recommended.

Den B

I have just moved over from another hosing company and the help with the migration has been second to none.
I had many issues with my last hosting company, but Clook has migrated it all over without any actions on my part other than the obvious authorisation to access my previous hosting .

Anthony B

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