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  • Streamline Your Web Hosting Experience with Clook and cPanel

    Streamline Your Web Hosting Experience with Clook + cPanel. Clook, in partnership with cPanel, can offer cPanel & WHM on all our hosting solutions. cPanel and WHM is the top web hosting automation solution, helping […]

    Reseller Hosting: A cheap way to host multiple websites

    We have many clients who host more than 1 website with us here at Clook. Reseller hosting is an ideal way to do so however there are presently there are several ways to achieve this: […]

    Why is website speed so important?

    Website speed has been a hot topic within the world of SEO for years.  Many have debated how important it actually is to a website’s success and the simple answer is very important. The reason […]

    How to secure a preferred domain name

    Choosing a suitable domain name for your business website is just as important as branding the company itself. It’s very often an afterthought for some business owners which can prove costly as having a good […]

    How to keep your website protected

    When it comes to keeping your website protected from hackers and viruses the first thing to understand is that you could be a target. Many people tend to think that their website has nothing worth […]

    The 5 Essentials Of Quality Website Hosting

    Here at Clook it is not uncommon for us to encounter customers that have had previous bad experiences with web hosting, and it’s usually down to misinformation or not quite having the right knowledge to […]

    How to find a good web host

    We often encounter new clients who have suffered bad experiences in the past with their chosen web host from various things such as poor server performance, lengthy downtime or bad quality after sales care. While […]

    Data protection for web hosting

    This week the Information Commissioner (the government body which regulates data protection) used his new powers to punish data breaches for the first time by imposing heavy fines on those responsible (source). While the protection […]

    Know Your Hosting Package

    When you have your own online business, the last thing that you want to do is find yourself stuck in a trap by thinking that you have to fall for the cheapest hosting service around. […]