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  • Streamline Your Web Hosting Experience with Clook and cPanel

    Streamline Your Web Hosting Experience with Clook + cPanel. Clook, in partnership with cPanel, can offer cPanel & WHM on all our hosting solutions. cPanel and WHM is the top web hosting automation solution, helping […]

    How to help ensure sent email doesn’t end up in a spam folder

        We’ve probably all experienced a time when we’ve been waiting for an important email to arrive, and cursed the email sender, only to find that the email, for some inexplicable reason has ended […]

    Upgrade to PHP7 and Improve Page Speed

    PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a powerful and widely-used open source server-side scripting language which is used when composing web pages. PHP scripts are executed on the server and the result is sent […]

    IPv6 and what it means

    You have probably heard the term IPv6 floating around the internet, or even IPv4. IPv6 in short is the succession to IPv4, the fourth iteration of the internet protocol. These schemes are IP address protocols […]

    PHP7 is coming!

    At Clook, we ensure PHP versions are 100% fit for purpose before making them available on our shared and reseller platforms. We have been testing PHP7 for some time now in both restricted and live […]

    Why is website speed so important?

    Website speed has been a hot topic within the world of SEO for years.  Many have debated how important it actually is to a website’s success and the simple answer is very important. The reason […]

    Datacentre Deployment: New Racks (Part 1)

    Deploying new server racks is a delicate process, and a lot can go wrong if it’s not done correctly. Each and every element needs to be thought out with precision, such as cable lengths, amount of power […]

    WordPress performance challenge

    Every so often here at Clook HQ we see a challenge being offered up, usually related to something silly such as eating cupcakes or locating something lost in the office!  The last office challenge was a little […]

    Nominet Introduce Shorter .UK Domain Extensions

    The body responsible for .UK domains, Nominet, have issued a press release today detailing the approval and subsequent plans to roll out the new shorter and simpler .UK ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain), due […]