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  • GDPR: Why you should keep applications up to date…

    There are just 4 weeks until GDPR becomes law. The regulation puts an increased focus on an organisation to be secure and that they handle their customer’s data responsibly. We look at why it’s important […]

    GDPR and UK Domain Names

    Yesterday Nominet announced a number of changes to procedures ahead of the GDPR coming in to force from 25th May… For you, the domain registrant, nothing will change. Your domain registrations and renewals will be […]

    Documents Required for GDPR

    As the 25th May deadline looms, you should already be well underway with ensuring your organisation / business is GDPR compliant. There are a number of documents required for GDPR that you should have in […]

    GDPR Web Hosting for Clook Resellers

    The majority of questions we are receiving relate to GDPR web hosting provided to our reseller clients. To become GDPR compliant by the 25th May you should be well underway with learning what is required […]

    GDPR – A Shared Data Security Responsibility

    Continuing our series of GDPR releases we look at shared data security responsibility: working together to keep your data secure… With the forthcoming implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation we look to clarify […]

    Steps to take to become GDPR Compliant…

    Here are 6 steps that you should undertake to work towards becoming GDPR compliant… A question we’ve been asked a lot recently has been ‘Can we use your GDPR documents to pass on to our […]

    GDPR: FAQs Relating to Your Web Hosting

    Following on from the Commitment Statement issued in January, we look to address a few of the common queries we’ve been receiving from customers… What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Ruling (GDPR) comes […]

    GDPR: The Right to be Forgotten

    On Monday, Google updated their Right to be Forgotten policy… For those that are unaware – under European legislation you are able to ask Google to remove certain pages which contain information about you or […]

    GDPR Commitment Statement

    Sub 6 Limited’s commitment to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Commitment Statement We are seeing more clients contact us with questions on the upcoming implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Many of the […]