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Your quick guide on what’s new in WordPress 6

WordPress 6 is here. Welcome to our complete guide on what you can expect from the new release. It’s named “Arturo” after the Grammy award-winning jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill.

There are nearly 1,000 enhancements and bug fixes. This major release for 2022 will help users create even more stylish content. You’re now able to switch between your designs.

WordPress site owners and administrators upgrading to WordPress 6 will experience enhancement in performance, stability and usability.

Content creators will experience a range of new features gearing towards an improved writing and design experience.

Reasons to choose WordPress.

WordPress powers more than 42% of websites on the internet. Originally WordPress started as a blogging platform, but it has grown and developed into a capable website content management system (CMS).

Key features of WordPress are:

    • Customisable designs
    • SEO Friendly
    • Responsive mobile sites
    • High performance
    • Manage on the go
    • High security
    • Powerful media management
    • Easy and accessible to use

Block Editor Improvements.

WordPress will enhance your writing experience.
With additional functionality built into its WYSIWYG editor, you’ll now be able to select text across multiple blocks to make a copy and pasting simpler.

Type prompts within the editor will allow you to access dynamic content, such as listing recent posts and pages.

No longer lose the styling you’ve set for a block when converting it to a different block type. This functionality saves you time and will help you keep your websites looking on-brand.

Creating call-to-action buttons within the editor is much simpler. You can create a button that fits your style and design, and all newly created buttons will follow the same styling.

You can now also make interactive elements such as social icons more appealing by adding new styles such as outlined icons.

Switch up your styles.

You can save and utilise a range of block theme styles. Another helpful new feature within WordPress 6. Set on-brand styling to content throughout your site and keep it consistent. It also allows you to switch up the look and feel of your website with just a few clicks.

More template choices.

There are five new template options for block themes. You can now create re-usable styling for author, date, categories, tag and taxonomy.

Featured images are now more flexible and now in use with cover blocks. You can also control the sizing of featured images within your content.

Discover new layout options with the editor’s quick inserter. Choose from patterns and template parts to use within your designs.

New pattern options.

Using patterns within your designs helps break up and differentiate content. WordPress now makes patterns even more accessible to you for use in your design. You can even add your own patterns for use throughout your website.

Add more design tools to your box.

Every release of WordPress always includes improvements to the design tools available. New features in 6.0 include:

Control the look and feel of borders around your content
Control the transparency and opacity of colours
Style a group of blocks in one go and edit padding, margins and typography.

Lock up those blocks

After you’ve created that perfect content block, you can lock it so other uses can’t move or remove them. Allowing you to be able to hand over websites to your clients without them fearing they are going to break anything.

WordPress 6 is faster.

Page and Post load speed has enhancements and shows further reductions in execution time for query types. Dynamic navigation menu performance has also improved. If you partner these improvements with LiteSpeed cache, you’ll have a fast-loading website.

Further accessibility

One of WordPress’s community beliefs is to create an accessible and inclusive platform that supports users of all types. WordPress 6 has 50 updates that specifically focus on accessibility.

Watch the WordPress 6 introduction video:

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