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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a server and network infrastructure that uses software to divide a single physical server into multiple servers. These are often referred to as virtual machines or VM’s.

Each of our client’s websites is given a partitioned drive with storage space only accessible by them. You no longer have to share computing resources with other clients and your server is assigned a dedicated amount of RAM and CPU’s.

Our V2 Managed Cloud Solutions are set up initially by our cloud technicians and once configured, passed to you for immediate use.

Scaling and Flexibility

Our Cloud Servers offer a range of flexibility, being able to scale the resources available in real-time without rebooting the server, allowing you to change up your hosting environment to grow with your digital projects.

Your server, the hardware it’s hosted on & the network it is powered by is fully managed by us. Our 24/7 technical team are on hand monitoring your server to let you know how your server is performing or if your server is getting too full before you upload your next project.

Your load-balanced solution can be fully monitored by our team to ensure your application is online when you need it.

Flexible Cloud Server Hosting Illustration
Reliable Cloud Server Hosting Illustration


All our hosting servers are based within UK data centres.

There are many advantages to using these:

Connection Speed – If your site’s visitors are UK based content streamed directly to them via our UK datacenter infrastructure will be faster than servers hosted elsewhere. This means you’ll see benefits in user experience & search engine analytics such as Google/Bing!

Response Time – We don’t anticipate any issues with our hardware, but if anything does happen our datacenter is a mere 38 minutes from our offices (and our technicians live even closer!). This means we can deploy hardware fixes/replacements quickly to keep you online when it matters the most.

UK Based Response Team – The datacenters we use have a fully UK based response team on hand at the datacenter 24/7, so with a phonecall we can action any remote-hands action to aid our already incredibly fast incident response time.


Our network was designed with network redundancy at the forefront of our minds. The network behind your cloud server has full network redundancy capabilities, so in the event of hardware failure, the systems seamlessly send traffic through our backup hardware.

We understand that having a reliable server is crucial for your business and having redundancy built into the underlying infrastructure of your server means you can rely on us for exceptional up-times.

Dedicated Server Hosting Illustration
Adaptable Cloud Server Hosting Illustration

Access for Support

We understand the need for outstanding support when it comes to our customers and don’t accept anything other than exceptional from our third-party suppliers.

Building strong relationships with vendors has been one of our utmost priorities since day one. Our cloud environment is fully supported by our software vendors and they have been actively involved in network improvements to ensure we’re running the best enterprise-level clustered setup possible.

From network deployment, cloud virtualisation software, to storage networks we’ve worked with our providers to bring you the best product possible.


From deployment our Cloud Servers boast security, we understand the risks your server faces on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Your server will come with industry-leading ConfigServer firewall already installed a pre-configured to our tightened template, and we’re able to lock this down even further based on your application & server usage.

By default, we employ a WAF (Web Application Firewall) using premium rulesets from multiple large vendors as well as our custom in-house developed rules. Using products we provide such as SiteLock and/or immunify360 to put your server at the top of its game detecting and blocking attacks.

Secure Cloud Server Hosting Illustration

Our Cloud servers offer
scalability, flexibility and
various features that allow
you to change up your
hosting environment.

FREE! Managed Migration

Let our experts take the hassle out of moving…

All of our webhosting plans come with
FREE migration from your existing provider
without service interruption.

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