Upgrade to PHP7 and Improve Page Speed

Upgrade to PHP7

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is a powerful and widely-used open source server-side scripting language which is used when composing web pages. PHP scripts are executed on the server and the result is sent to the browser as plain HTML.

If you are using a cPanel account you will have PHP installed by default – typically the version used is 5.6 however this version was originally released in 2014 and is approaching end of life (Support ends 31st December 2018). Whilst patches and updates have regularly been released to keep the software functioning, PHP 7 was released in 2015 with it’s most current version – PHP 7.2 – made available just a few months ago in November 2017.

Why Upgrade to PHP7?

The headline improvement associated with PHP 7 is the significant increase in performance. It is approximately twice as fast as PHP 5.6. When this version of the software is run on WordPress, it can execute twice as many requests per second as the same platform running PHP 5.6.

Of course another huge benefit in having an up to date PHP version are the additional security benefits as older versions are prone to vulnerabilities. The majority of exploits that we see in support are from bots that try to exploit weaknesses in customer’s website PHP code. This is especially common with WordPress websites – often a website is built for a business / organisation then left and never updated making it a prime target for hacking.

Speed Improvements after upgrade to PHP7…



As you can see, the Hypnoband Lancashire website has improved it’s fully loaded time by 3 seconds… A huge improvement and it only takes a minute or so to change the PHP version.

How to upgrade to PHP7

*It is advisable to take a back up and to check that your application is compatible before proceeding.*

1) Log in to my.clook.net and access the cPanel

2) Navigate to the MultiPHP Manager section located within the Software section


3) On the page that loads you need to put a check in the box next to the domain to be upgraded, click the drop down box, select the new PHP version and hit ‘Apply’


That’s all…! Once complete a message will be shown to say the upgrade was successful and you can now enjoy the benefits from of the latest PHP version.


PHP 7 is available on all of our hosting platforms. Sign up today and take advantage of quick, powerful servers and our renowned customer support…

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