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There are a number of tools to help with SEO that are available without charge. There are 3 that I use regularly for my websites – GTMetrix, Seoptimer & Semrush. I know that if I can obtain a good score with GTMetrix & Seoptimer that I am well placed to rank well with Google. I primarily use Semrush to analyse inbound links. If you’ve started a link building campaign, Semrush is the place to go.


GTMetrix is my starting point when starting to optimise a website. Scores are given on various elements of a site and are detailed so that the user knows exactly what to look at in order to improve the score. As the score improves you should see the fully loaded time decrease. This article has a number of steps you can take to improve performance…

Tools to help with SEO


Seoptimer is one of the best tools to help with SEO. As with GTMetrix, scores are given for different areas with advice given on what to improve where necessary. Seoptimer is primarily aimed at on-page optimisation.



Semrush tells you how you position for keywords and also records inbound links to your website. As you implement a link building campaign you will notice the number of backlinks to your site begins to increase…

Semrush SEO

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed allows you to measure load times on a mobile phone. Whereas GTMetrix & Pingdom both provide an overall time, this tool breaks down speed scores per device.

Google PageSpeed Insights


Pingdom Website Speed Test is similar to GTMetrix in that it provides a performance grade and a fully loaded time however it does not go into detail on how to improve the score. I’ve found Pingdom to be a good site to cross reference against the GTMetrix page speed time.


Whilst these tools will help with your SEO, it’s important to not get too drawn in. If you are using a number of external resources – WordPress plugins, Google Analytics, Facebook Widgets, etc it is likely that these will impact on certain areas – the Yslow score in particular is one that becomes affected as it attempts to load from third party servers.

Of course, having fast web hosting will put you in a position to rank well – our Optweb platform is tailored to help websites perform at their optimum level.

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