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Anthony B

I would just like to say how happy i am moving over to Clook for my web / email hosting

I have just moved over from another hosing company and the help with the migration has been second to none.
I had many issues with my last hosting company, but Clook has migrated it all over without any actions on my part other than the obvious authorisation to access my previous hosting .

My current plan with Clook is cheaper, easier to access and more functional. The team are there to help with anything technical. This can be done by ticket or over the phone. I now get an ssl certificate which was all set up for me and its all cheaper than what i used to pay

A very big thumbs up to Clook from me and i’d personally advise anyone who is just starting out or looking to renew hosting to move over to Clook

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Scott is a UX Designer and Developer at Clook. He’s passionate about UI Design, WordPress Development and Marketing.

Working on the creative, branding and marketing side of Clook. He's involved in creating a variety of digital and print designs for us.

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