Take five with Will

Company News/ 09th Sep 2020/Scott Pollard

We take five with our resident Speed Racer and unofficial office handyman, Will. Let’s find out a little more about him.

ℹ️ Tell us a little bit about your role at Clook?

As well as making the brews, my main role at Clook is helping new customers find the perfect hosting solution for them.

ℹ️ What’s your workspace looking like right now?

I like to call it an organised mess. It’s not the tidiest (please don’t judge me!), but at least I know where everything is.

ℹ️ What’s an everyday ritual you have to do?

Anyone with kids will tell you that getting them ready for the nursery and school run is hell on earth! As soon as I get into the office I grab a brew and have a moment to myself!

ℹ️ Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

After a 30 year hiatus, I’ve just got back into karting.
As Ayrton Senna said, it’s the most breathtaking sport in the world.

We have a very strong team here at Clook and we build on everyone's strengths and weaknesses, you have to be able to make a good brew too!

Chris James

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