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Take five with Scott

We take five with our newest member of team Clook. Scott joins us to head up the creative design and marketing for Clook.

ℹ️ Tell us a little about your role?

My role is on the creative and branding side of Clook. This involves creating a variety of digital and print designs for us. I’ve worked in the creative industry as a designer/web developer for going on 15 years now and it’s great to bring all my experiences and knowledge to Clook. 

ℹ️ What’s your workspace looking like right now?

My workspace is very busy with designer toys, cameras, cans of pop and Arduino microcontrollers.

 ℹ️ What’s an everyday ritual you have to do?

It’s been said to me by a few people that my hobby is hobbies. I like to be creative every day, during and after work. This tends to involve: photography, illustration, electronics, model making and generative art through Processing/Java, to list a few.

 ℹ️ Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I like to build large scale model railways with my dad and I’m a member of the Blackburn & East Lancs Model Railway Society.

About The Author

Scott is a UX Designer and Developer at Clook. He’s passionate about UI Design, WordPress Development and Marketing.

Working on the creative, branding and marketing side of Clook. He's involved in creating a variety of digital and print designs for us.

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