Take five with Arran


We take five minutes to find out a little more about Arran and his role as Senior System Admin, here at Clook.

ℹ️ Tell us a little bit about your role at Clook?

Currently, I’m working as Senior System Admin/Technical Support and alongside that, I’m getting our New Cloud platform ready.

ℹ️ What’s your workspace looking like right now?

Lots of Nibbles, hand gel and a fidget spinner to help when things don’t go to plan.

ℹ️ What’s an everyday ritual you have to do?

I’ve been binge-watching property shows recently with my Partner. Unfortunately, it’s making our future renovations plans much more expensive!

ℹ️ Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I have four children and I’m currently tinkering with FPGA electronics ( when I can ? )

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