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Upgrading from Shared to Reseller Hosting

A lot of customers begin their journey with us here at Clook on shared hosting, initially having just the one domain online. As time goes by business demands change, other personal projects appear and a second website requires a place to be stored. This can be done on shared hosting (it’s possible to host 20 websites) by using the ‘add-on domain’ feature. This is great for small, simple websites, however as all domains appear under the one cPanel account, they share the same set of resources. If you have a number of resource hungry websites set up as add-on domains you may find performance to be sluggish. There is a cost effective solution however – Reseller Hosting

Shared to Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting comes with cPanel’s big brother – Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel and gives the user much more control and flexibility when managing a number of different websites. From WHM you create and manage cPanel accounts – assigning disc space and bandwidth allowances. This means that each website you host has it’s own cPanel account and it’s own set of resources. Additionally by moving from Shared to Reseller you will find your accounts are given a higher allocation of resources than our Shared products. By default, a cPanel account created by a reseller has 768MB allocated to it. A shared-0 account has 256MB with the more popular shared-1 to 3 accounts having 512MB.

What’s involved in moving from Shared to Reseller?

We use different servers for shared to reseller accounts so a migration would be required. This is usually handled in the background here meaning your involvement is minimal. You may need to update mail server settings but this can be done in advance of a move. We keep copies of the data on both servers whilst the DNS updates meaning there is very little disruption to your service.

If you would like more information on moving from shared to reseller please do get in touch…

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